To Naim technicians

I ask for this intervention. I purchased the CD of L 'Escadron Volant de la Reine - Notturno in wav on the digital boutique of Qobuz. Copied the CD to NAS Synology and NAS Western Digital, everything is ok while if it is copied to the Unitiserve 2tb download folder, listening jerks and stops every about 3/5 seconds. I would like to know the reason if it depends on Qobuz or the Unitiserve software which unfortunately is no longer supported by Naim (and this behavior is wrong!). Firmware use 1,7c.

Andrea, Naim technical support do not routinely look at this forum, I suggest you send an e-mail to " "

What do you mean by ‘everything is ok’? Can you play it direct from the Synology?


How strange. The best thing I ever did was stick a upnp server on my Synology and sell my UnitiServe while it was still worth something. You may wish to do the same. It sounded better too.

I once had the same problem on an album on Unitserve. I downloaded it again and it was finally ok.

1.7c is the latest software version for the UnitiServe and it IS supported by NAIM.

As to breaks and pauses - seems like a network issue to me. I would actually re-start all network components, mainly the router / switch.


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