To Nap or not to Nap

I have an Atom connected to a pair of KEF IQ 90’s, and I am thinking on an upgrade.

  1. Connect the Atom to an 2006 NAP 200, cost 850 euro, plus cable 160 euro, or
  2. Buy other speakers

What do you think is the way to go ?


We need more information… What are your plans, longer term…? Where do you want to get to…? Have you got a ‘map’…?

Its a lot easier if you have a plan… Any plan.

Plan is to improve the soundstage a little, but I realize this plan is vague. As the wife is concerned no extra boxes, so the Nap is only an option as a replacement of the bluray player which I nearly ever use anymore, or if changing the speakers is a better alternative, but they are standing close to the wall, as I haven’t enough room to move them in front of! I haven’t the option to try the NAP combo but will have a listen with the Atom and other speakers!

I’d be looking at the Nova I think.

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Is there anyone with the combo Atom and Tannoy Eaton ?

I’ve just added a nap 200 to my Atom and I find the difference quite substantial. Particularly in the mid/treble. Much more mature sounding and smoother. Also it has given a fuller sound at low volume improving evening and night time listening. I would really only recommend if you plan to remove the Atom at some point and improve the streamer/pre. The money can be more appropriately spent to achieve a two box system. For example, xs2/3 and nd5xs2 in place of the atom. I think that would be a better improvement and less in value than a Nap/ Atom.


Is it me or is this response meant for another thread? I can’t see where anyone mentioned a tab 10.

However, I will add that there is no reason the tab 10 will not be driven by an atom. Sure it will sound better with a supernait 3 and an NDX2 but it is almost 4 x the cost. The tab 10 is a 10 ohm speaker with recommended 5-50 watts.

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It seems HH replied to a post by billywindsock that was later deleted

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I see.

I have Tab 10s with my Atom it has no problem with them. Brilliant combo.

But at 3k+ it’s not always an option and this is a stepping stone to bigger things. I would love to upgrade to Nova but it’s too steep a jump I could not justify it. Adding on a better power amp I could when they can be picked up for under a grand.

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