To Subs or not 2 Subs?

Hi @suneal
I use two Graham Audio Sub 3 passive subs, IMHO I find they let my loudspeakers “breath” and they fill in “detail”.
I have just ordered a single small passive sub from Wilmslow Audio for my office, two would have been overkill. WA carry a range of passive and active subs or they will build you a bespoke pair.

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JL Audio Gotham G213 V2

Pricier than Wilson Benesch Torus.

First JL Audio experience was in automitive subs market, where they arrived to lead the market. From they experience in car subs market, they decide to enter to the HiFi market, and currently among the best if not the best (outside very premium brands, as Kharma or, may be, Wilson Audio): all their HiFi subs are sealed boxes, of course.

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I use two bk electronics 12p300 with my 1028be focal, I started with one but two is much better, the sound is more coherent, better integrated

An argument for tone controls?

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Not in my experience. Easier. Much easier. Placement is way less critical.

Thanks and I should have mentioned I use the Isoacoustics on my focal Arias as well

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Yes I have wondered the same thing… having had much older equipment in the past (40 year old vintage equipment) tone controls with a loudness option was very common.

Any thoughts on the SVS micro sub?

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Ah, now that is quite another matter! It is something I’ve offered my view on before - here’s one such post:

Thanks for the feedback, we just moved outside of the city a year ago so finding reputable dealers close by will take some leg work. I am probably 40 minutes to an hour to a Rel dealer another 1.5 hours to a SVS dealer but it worth the trek!

Hi there.

I haven’t heard it, but in the same technological evolutionary line as the KEF KC62, cheaper, and, depending on the space and the main speakers, a better option than the KEF.

At least that’s how Herb Reichert thinks in his review on Stereophile after having tested both with his Harbeth M30.2: “The 3000 Micro’s dual 8" cones have about 50% more woofer-cone area than the KEF KC62’s dual 6.5" cones: 50.3 square inches compared to 33.2 square inches for the KEFs… If I was a consumer instead of a reviewer, I’d probably buy this one (SVS 3000 Micro). Highly recommended.

Personally I think I would also opt for the SVS, at least from my experience: complete control from the sofa via bluetooth with an unbeatable App, specialist in subs, guarantee and unbeatable after-sales service (certified from the USA to Spain)…

Listen to them and asses your needs and your pocket in the face of the bad times glimpsed ahead…

I have two SVS SB1000 12" non-smart subs, one for each channel. Has made a remarkable difference.

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Thank you to everyone on the forum for your feedback. I had a few messages bounce back as undelivered as we had an both a cell and internet outage that caused havoc for all of Friday and part of Saturday. :face_with_spiral_eyes:. The effects on services were quite bizarre as services were going up and down for part of the day…we had Elton John and Dua Lipa on a constant loop from one of the streaming services for a good half hour.

Anyone on here using BK electronics subs?

My local Naim dealer told me the same and he highly recommended me the Rel (one and if possible two)
I guess a guy must hear…. (Or girl)

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The only problem I have with REL (apart from them not being available in my country) is the fact they have gone crazy with the logo. REL on the cone and REL on each of the feet (and big too). Bonkers awful design choice. You just need one logo.


Think that’s aimed at one market in particular…

I don’t have issue with the logo as I thought the overall design and aesthetics of the REL are rather nice. A matter of preference I would say. My only issue with REL is the price. The REL S/510 I which bought costs twice the price of the SVS SB-3000, another great sub recommended by many who tried. My dealer recommended the REL and I took his advice after much deliberation. No regrets with the decision as the integration with the main speakers is seamless. The first successful implementation of a subwoofer in my system after more than 15 years! To be fair, the old sub was poor.

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The Jamo/Cerwin Vega market can’t afford REL. :grin:

Hi budmoto, just out of interest are you using high level or the sub outs from your SN3?