To SuperCap or not to Supercap that is the question

Yet another tedious Supercap question. I am about to possibly pull the trigger on a s/h 2012 Naim serviced SC which would replace a DR Hicap on my NAC 282 and a non DR Hicap on my Superline. I would then power the Superline via the 282.

As it’s not possible to home demo the Supercap before purchase I would be interested in any thoughts/ advice on the possible pros & cons of this move.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Is the Supercap a DR model?

Are you planning to connect both the 282 and the SL to the SC? I don’t think that’s possible/recommended

No just the 282 and the Superline into the 282 which I understand is possible?


Not yet established if it is DRd but at the price asked I suspect not.


When I got the SC(DR) I kept the HC for the Superline.

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Depends on speakers where best to use the supercap and I’ve never owned Ovators but don’t rule out dedicating it to the superline if you can get a Superline/Snaxo Burndy. Don’t bother using a Snaic except from AUX2, the magic only happens with the Burndy.
For some reason I found a supercap likes the bottom Fraim shelf of the brawn stack.

Yes you can connect the 282 to the SC and the SL to the 282 but I’m not 100% sure where the SL gets the power from in this scenario. With the 252, it comes from dedicated windings on the SC, but not sure with the 282

I loved what the SC brought to my 282, as the one you ar looking at its is non DR, it took the 282 on to another level

I still happily use my non DR SC with my 252

I have plans to get it DR next year when funds allow

With the 282 a Superline does not benefit from the dedicated windings from a Supercap:


When I got my SC2 out of storage and put it in place of the HCDR to my Superline…well, suffice to say, the HCDR ain’t going back in.

An auxiliary question to the above. I would be very grateful for any advice/ experience on the merit’s of placing the Supercap on either the 282 or the superline as I have not got a spare fraim shelf for a Hicap & Supercap


Given the cost/value of the units involved, the answer must be a firm No - Avoid doing this.

Sorry guys misunderstanding I was not asking about placement on the fraim… but the merits of which unit would give me the best results connected to the Supercap or Stageline .

Thanks agin for the reply’s

Do you mean Superline?

You will get the most benefit using the Supercap on the Superline with the Burndy. The 282 would only use 4 rails of the Supercap connected by 2 SNAIC’s.
The only issue (assuming you are keeping both HiCaps) is if you are using 2 HiCaps on the 282 they should both be the same spec (DR or non DR).
Having said all that, nothing beats your own ears, so have a play around and try some options.


Thanks Iain yes Superline also not intending keeping the two HiCaps

Regards Graham

The 282 needs a power supply, unless you have a nap200.
You can’t use a Supercap to power a Superline and the 282 simultaneously.
So you will need either to:
1 Supercap powers 282, Superline gets power from aux2
2 Supercap powers Superline, keep one or both hicaps to power the 282


As @IainW has said, supercap + dedicated Burndy on the Superline is awesome, with Hicap on the 282 is the way I would go.

Best regards, BF

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If you aren’t intending to keep the HiCaps then your only option is Supercap on the 282 and use the Aux 2 to connect the SL. I suspect this could be worse than your current setup, at least for vinyl replay. Would you consider swapping the 282 and 2x HiCaps for a 252? That way you would get the benefit of more rails for the pre and dedicated rails to the SL.

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