Today’s best track

Having been recently converted to streaming I’ve been spending lockdown recreating my CD library. I’d forgotten just how good ‘Telegraph Road’ is from the Love Over Gold album by Dire Straits.
Nearly fifteen minutes of musical genius.
I urge you to listen to it again - or for the first time.


Good shout, but I only managed to get through 8 minutes and 6 seconds before the phone rang for work. I remember when Private Investigations came out and Simon Bates (I think) on Radio 1 was raving about it. Not the most Radio 1 friendly song though.

Ooh we do sarcasm !
Welcome to my world. I look forward to your replies.
If it’s good, it’s good ! I don’t care how old it is. I even listen to some classical music and my great great great great Gran would have listened to that.
To quote ‘form is temporary, class is forever’

If you listen to the track I’m sure you’ll agree.
Enjoy your auditory experience.

It is a good track, not their best but definitely worth a listen. And I wish my Gran taste in music was that good.

I have that track and album, but haven’t played for some time.
I remember last it was played I had it earworming its merry way for several weeks - especially that quiet bit before the big moody Knopfledge section.

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