Tom petty - Wildflowers & All the Rest 9lp

It’s been a long wait, but looks to be worth it. If you can afford the 9lp box.

Tom Petty’s wildflowers reissue. Great news and really looking forward to this.



Thanks, preordered the 4cd set.

I really want those home demos so may go all in!

Gary if you find a UK/European site that is selling the 9 LP version please post on here.

Thanks Prem.

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There’s another thread on this stared a couple of hours earlier, incorporating name of album.
@Richard.Dane, maybe worth combining?

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I’ve merged the threads.

It’s been a long time coming, but a vinyl reissue of Wildflowers is very welcome here. I wonder who will be cutting this one?

Prem, the SDE sit says that the 7 and 9LP super and Ultra deluxe sets are only available to buy through the Tom Petty Site store.

Thanks Richard. I may have to bite the bullet on the cheaper of the 9 LP sets from USA then.
The original album is cut from tape AAA by Chris Bellman I believe.
I think it’s the same cut that was in the previous Tom Petty Box Set Vol2. I have the original Wildflowers on vinyl which was cut from digital apparently. Mind you it still sounds fantastic to me.
The rest of the tracks are all from digital source as far as I am aware.

I’ve just been reading on analog planet website that apparently the actual Wildflowers original album has actually been recut again AAA and is not the same version that was in the Tom Petty Box Set Vol2.

Richard, I ordered the 9lp yesterday morning from Warner Music Store. They were shipping to the UK for only £12. Most likely get hit for customs, but I didn’t want to miss the 9lp opportunity . Love this album and all the demos on the 8th & 9th lp appeal to me.


Yes I’ve just done the same as you. If we don’t get hit by customs (highly unlikely) it actually works out cheaper than what UK retailers are charging for the 7 LP box version.
I would still have preferred to purchase from a U.K. retailer even if it was more expensive in case of quality issues with the vinyl.
Still keeping fingers crossed it all works out ok.

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From my experience, sometimes these limited editions (like the two 9lp editions) don’t even make appearance in Europe, so I thought I’d buy it fast from the US and not think about it again.

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After a fairly long wait, my 9lp boxset arrived. After two failed attempts by Parcelforce to deliver to my house, that seems not to exist, I went and picked my boxset up from the depot myself. Packaging was poor from Warner, as it had just a limited amount of brown paper stuffed inside. The box was crushed and I could easily feel the very heavy contents slide around inside! The cellophane wrapping around the boxset had completely split on the side, but amazingly the set was absolutely mint. No dings or marks anywhere. Pure luck in this game. Good news, no customs duty. Both the 9lp boxsets never did get released in the UK.
Every now and then an absolute gem of a product turns up and this Petty vinyl is one of them for me. The packaging, presentation, hardback book and attention to detail are a true work of art. This is before mentioning the vinyl. All 18 sides are absolutely perfect. No pops, flat, silent and they sound amazing. It can be done, manufacturers! The Wildflowers & All The Rest 3lp sound superb. This beats my original 1994 USA pressing. Must be one of the best sounding pressings I’ve heard on my system. Where it gets even more interesting is the Home Recordings, Live and Alternate pressings. Going from the original album to these is fascinating. Clearly recorded on different studio equipment, they’re stripped down, raw, less polished and much more in-the-room performances. Not to mention the changes made to the tracks themselves. The number of stand out tracks are too many to mention, but home/alternate recordings of Crawling Back to You and live It’s Good to Be King really are superb. Well done Warner/Petty, there has obviously been some talented and dedicated people involved in this project.


I ordered the 5CD equivalent from the TP store and this was delivered by FedEx promptly but with VAT and £12 handling charge. Ho hum. It’s a stunning release and well worth the investment.

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I have also received my 9LP Set from Warner Brothers. As Count has said packaging was poor and unfortunately my copy has some minor damage on back cover along the bottom edge but it is minor.
I haven’t played the 3rd record which is the additional material which never made the original album when it was reduced from a double to single album plus the 2 live discs.
I’ve played the other 6 discs. I echo Counts comments the sound & Pressing quality is top notch.
The home demos are fascinating and the sound on these is far better than I was expecting.
This is my favourite Tom Petty album. All the songs are excellent no filler whatsoever.
No question this is the best reissue of this year. Not cheap mind but worth every penny to me.


Premmyboy, I had conditioned myself to receiving dinged corners or something, so as long as the vinyl is perfect, that’s all that matters. You’ll probably forget the slight packaging damage in the future.

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Count it’s really very minor and I’ve already forgotten about it. To be honest I was more worried about the actual vinyl as if there were problems the chances of getting satisfactory resolution from USA would be slim.
Thankfully Pressing quality is fantastic. No warps,crackle or anything.