Too many stickies?


Just wondering but unless my browser is full screen the stickies take over the page - any software option to collapse sticky lists? Seems primarily to affect Streaming Audio.


Could do with a ‘latest firmware version for each model’ topic that links to each of these threads.

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Nice idea.

It’s mainly due to so many updates coming close together. I think most of the stickies I set to expire by month end so should clean up a bit after the weekend.

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Ah, didn’t realise they could be set to automatically expire.

And I thought it was going to be a thread about over imbibing Sauternes.

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You can unpin a sticky yourself. Choose the unpinned option and it will move down the list much quicker as more topics are added/updated.


Well I never!

Thanks for that. :+1:

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Trickydickie beat me to it. I always unstick something when I’ve read it, except in the beta group where I can keep the things I’m following at the top of the list on my phone.

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What a great tip. I had no idea that was possible. Every day is a school day.

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I run the site in dark mode/theme, I think the text regarding pinning may stand out more in the screengrab above, though I guess you have to click on the pin to see it.

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