Top layer of Fraim to protect hifi from flying cats?

Three low Fraim stacks (base plus two medium shelves on each) lie below a high window ledge where my two cats love to spend time watching wildlife in the garden. Haven’t seen them jump the 5 feet from the window lodge to the top of the ‘exposed’ Naim stack but have frequently found their padprints on the top of the uppermost Naim boxes. Am wondering about adding another layer of medium Fraim for each of the three stacks so that the tops of the Naim boxes are protected from flying cats. Aside from the obvious cost implications, though, am wondering how it would look. Anyone have photos of Naim stacks where there is nothing on the top shelf?

I don’t use Fraim but I have 3 racks all with an unused top shelf. For aesthetic reasons I’m not fond of putting gear on top display. This is a fairly common practice.

Given the glass ball and cup mounting of Fraim’s top shelf, you might want ti go for Fraim Lite. A cat is unlikely to try and scoot down the hole in the shelf.

BB guns also work. For my kids I’m considering razor wire hooked up to the mains.


Zen do you still have your setup, I remember reading not long ago you said you were regrettably packing it up?

Go for Fraimlite as they are squared off rather than triangular. I use toughened glass shelf directly on top to stop anything falling through ventilation cut out.

Should stop trapped cats :joy::joy:


I use Fraim bases and levels, but each stack is topped off with a Fraimlite.

I completely understand this - my preamp has had mute and / or mono selected by a cat’s paw on the way back down and also pushing the streamer on top backwards a bit. Considering getting a fraim shelf for top as you have pondered

It is “decomissioned”. The pandemic stopped replacement boxes and a few spares for repairs just as it was about to leave the dealer’s back in the UK.

Right now it is a dusty mess with destroyed cables round the back and piled high with toys on top. And the racks all pushed together touching. Total nightmare. Speakers pushed so hard up against racks that shelves have fug into veneers.

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