TOPIC: “NO ROOMS FOUND” - even when Muso is connected and white led next to pinhole

Dear Naim technical forum,

Reference is made to this threat:

I can now report having moved my Mu-S0 to France that the same problem occurred when using a Livebox 2 router. This router does not have IPv6 capability so apparently there are still routers around that are missing this. Mu-So could not be used therefore, and I decided to “daisy chain” my Netgear router, which has IPv6 enabled. Getting this going is a story, but I can report that this now works.

The set-up is as follows:

Livebox 2 has one of the Ethernet LAN ports connected to LAN port 4 of the Netgear router. (I lost a lot of time connecting to the WAN poort). The rest of the setup in the Netgear is pretty basic: Automatic DHCP and DHCP server enabled. I have flashed this router with DD-WRT software so there are a lot more settings, but soonest I got sound I stopped checking anything… if anyone needs more info, please let me know and I will dump all settings,

Hope this helps anyone - I am happy this works for me.

Greetings, Piet

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