Toslink to Coaxial Converter

I already have Gefen GTV-DD-2-AA GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder to hook up my Sony 4K TV to my Supernait amp With Built in DAC via Toslink/Twin RCA/DIN interconnects. Not sure why dealer didn’t hook up TV to one of the Supernait’s digital coaxial inputs except at the time I had two Blu-Ray players and now have only one. I was wondering if I should buy Gefen’s Toslink to Coaxial Digital Audio Translator so can connect my Sony 4K TV to my Supernait digitally from end to end and take advantage of my Supernait’s built in DAC instead of purchasing another DAC.

The supernait 1 has 2 coaxial and 2 optical digital inputs. You shouldn’t need to use a converter, just use toslink direct.
Are these sockets being used already?

Thank you. However tried direct Toslink connection but didn’t sound good versus current digital to analog interconnect set up.

I can confirm the Supernait DAC is not good, an understatement truth be told when working with Toslink.
I had my Sony hooked up that way & to be honest I rarely used it, invariably giving up.
Then I swapped out my CDX2 for an NDX, I connected the TV sound to the NDX DAC optical input. This is as near perfect as TV sound over Toslink can be … well err let’s say OK rather than perfect, limited I suspect with TV sound quality & the Toslink stuff.

I use the iFi SPDIF iPurifier2 Digital Optical/Toslink/Coax Audio Signal Optimizer/Purifier/Conditioner (long name…) for TV duties and works reasonably well with the supplied power supply. Of course you can always power it with a LPS for even better results.

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