Totem forest or Neat Iota Xplorer

currently have and happy with forests

don’t know much about the neat but have an itch to upgrade
i like the idea of the extra drivers for bass and the ribbon tweet

system is super2/DRcap/rega P8/superline’supercap/apheta2

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If it’s the original Forest’s you have, the newer Forest Signatures are reportedly quite a bit better. You could add one of the matching Totem subs, which seem to integrate very well - I have a Storm on my Nova usually with Hawks, though I’m trialing it on the SN2 with the Forest Signatures and it works quite well, though the Thunder is probably a better match for the frequency range.

Totems are lovely!
One thing they are amazing at is how wide they throw the music out. Ribbon style tweeters whenever I have heard them can sound absolutely incredible but always seem very directional.

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Changing one speaker for another in a very similar price range only seems worthwhile if there is an issue with the current speakers. It’s really hard to find a speaker that you both like and which works well in your room, so as you say you are happy with the Totems it’s perhaps best to do nothing. You could always try the Neats but do get a good long home demonstration to enable confidence in any decision. I’ve only heard smaller Totems - the Arro and the Rainmaker and I thought they were excellent - particularly the little Rainmaker.


First time I see someone having a cartridge more expensive than the pre/amp electronics, in your case a SN1.
Does the Koetsu Urishi sky blue works well with the P8?

PS: no criticism from me, just surprised.

I was looking to upgrade my speakers a few years ago from Neat Motive to Neat Iota Xplorers.
I had them for a few days home demo and couldn’t get them to work in my room.
It’s possible they needed running in but, they just had no bass no matter where I positioned them.

Make sure you home demo them !!!

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i’ve heard the same from others; not easy to integrate just anywhere

the system is a work in progress so i get gear when i see it at a good price

i don’t have the cart anymore, not a match for the P8 at all

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Thanks for clarifying…Any thoughts on future system? Which cart you use now?

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I should add that when I heard the Iota Xplorer at a dealers (Signals), they sounded fabulous.
I listened to them there on the end of an Atom and a Nova.
I recall thinking at the time that if I could only have one, simple system, I’d be more than happy with an Atom and a pair of Neat Iota Xplorers.
I felt gutted I couldn’t make them work in my own setting :frowning:

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I’ve had the Xplorers for about 6 months now and find them wonderful. Theres plenty of base and the ribbon tweeter gives a great clear sound.
I have them stood on marble chopping boards which make a difference to the bass.
The overall sound is very good with a great soundstage.

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ended up with an apheta2
really tired of setting up carts, and that third bolt really helps that

sounded great right away with no fussing and only lost about 300$ on the mistake

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