Totem Tribe Tower, Anyone?

Is anyone running Totem Tribe Towers with their Naim gear? Want to change away from Kudos X2s for my NDX2/282/250 and thinking of either PMC 25.23is or the Totem Tribe Towers or Forests for a 11 foot x 12 foot room.

Probably dumb to do Harbeth. :slight_smile: again.

I’m running Totem Forest Signatures with a NDX2/XPSDR/SN2/HiCAP in a large open plan room and really enjoy their natural presentation and full sound stage. I’m sure they’d love to be on a 282/250 as well.

I travel to New Zealand every few years - be great to meet for a beer next time I’m there. My brother and parents live in Auckland.
We do the bay of islands things every time - and also made the drive to the lighthouse at the very top of New Zealand last time.

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I have owned the Totem Tribe Towers for over a year and love them. I use them with a SN2 and NDX2 as the source.

I auditioned them against the Harbeth 30.1 and the ATC SCM 19. I much preferred the Totems. They are better balanced than the Harbeths, and easily as fast as the ATCs. The top end on the Totems is also better.

The Totems were 6000$ here in Canada, compared to 5000$ for the Harbeths and 4500$ for the ATCs. I felt the higher price was warranted because of the better sound quality.

As a bonus, they are very easy to place in the room, and they are very small and good looking. I suggest going for the glossy option, because you also get WBT binding posts.

My room is 10 by 15 feet.

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Did you compare the Tribe Towers to the Totem Forest Signatures or the Totem Signature ones?

I had a listen to a set of Tribe Towers at the local distributor before lockdown. Unfortunately they weren’t available for a home audition, but in the demo room they were rather impressive. I took home a pair of Signature One’s for a home audition - they were really good, with a pretty amazing sound staging. The ones I had were new from the box, so were a bit bright in my room as they were run in.

I ended up getting a pair of Naim SL2’s that came available instead, but the Totem’s (especially the tribe towers) would be towards the top of my list if I end up looking for a replacement.

Given that my room is 11x12, the model ones are probably the better bet but don’t like the idea of standmounters…

To be honest, the physical shape and lack of size of the Tribe Towers was rather attractive, and the sound was a lot larger than I expected.

I’ve been running standmounts (Epos ES12’s) for 24 years, so the Signature Ones would have been a worthy replacement. Our room is about 5m*7m, so a little bit larger, but the Signature Ones easily filled the room.

I have the Hawks in my office / media room, which is about 3.5m by 5m. Running with a Niva.

I auditioned the tribes back to back with the Sky towers and bought the Sky’s to use with my Supernait2.
The sky’s are far easier to drive and I found better at low volume.
For me the Supernait didn’t feel like it capable to control and drive them like they should.
If I remember correctly they are a nominal 4 ohm load. The torrent drives are not very efficient unfortunately.

The positive is the size and styling depending if that’s what you want.
Ultimately however to get them singing how they are supposed to and controlled they want more than a Supernait2 level amp.

Hope that helps.


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No, I did not do those comparisons.

Kudos C20s or S20s not on your shortlist?

I’ve had the s20s for more than 5 years and have moved on to the titan 606s. The S20 Bass doesn’t work well in that room.

The room is rather small. If standmounters, consider the Totem Signature One instead of Model 1. The latter is not very good IMO. Fun but unrefined. Speakers that work close to wall boundaries would be useful in a 11’ x 12’ room as listening would be mostly near to mid-field.

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So, have you bought them? :slightly_smiling_face:

Running the Totem Sky Towers for now. Once things open up I’ll try to go audition the TTTs or the Model 1 signatures. I had heard the regular Totem Skys a few years ago and liked them enough to take a punt on them.
Also bought the PMC 25.23s but quickly sold them on.


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