Touch up paint pen

Do Naim make a touch-up pen to repair scratches in XS and Classic equipment. If not is there a tried and tested method?
Thank you.

The anodized aluminium is slightly porous, so one method would be to use a fabric marker pen with a narrow point and gently follow any deeper scratches where the metal is exposed. It will look slightly darker when first applied, but will soften out as it is absorbed and dries. It’s not a perfect fix but it will hide scratches quite well unless inspected from up close. The best effect is reached when the marker is applied precisely on the scratch itself, try to avoid going too much over the edges.

(I’ve used this approach in the past with good results, but use at your own risk ofcourse!)

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i think in the past there was a recommendation (?) for
Games Workshop Citadel Pot de Peinture about £6
its what warhammer people use for their toy soldiers
I’ve not tried it and obviously best to test first!

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 18.32.07

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Wipe away immediately with ‘wet’ finger for shiny finish, leave as is for more matte. Not sure how to best match the kit as I haven’t done so for Naim.

I’m certain you wouldn’t ( or you wouldn’t have posted) but the cheap fix of a black permanent marker won’t work - a lot of em have a purple dye that looks awful against a true black when dry…

Erm…Have I tried it? Yep. On a black LP sleeve. Once was enough…

I’m going to try that fabric marker pen tho, @litemotiv, thanks for the…um…tip!

What about for Olive boxes?

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