Tour de France Femmes 2022

Friday 29th July 2022

Stage 6 Saint-Dié-des-Vosges - Rosheim (128.6km)

A very hilly today that will bring about attacks for a stage win, meanwhile the main GC race may conserve their energy for the coming weekend’s back to back mountain stages that will decide the overall winner.

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Vos remains strong. Excellent days work.

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It’s that Team Jumbo-Visma again, i don’t know what they’re drinking but i wouldn’t mind a pint of it :slightly_smiling_face:


Results 6th stage 2022 Tour de France Femmes

  1. Marianne Vos (nld)
  2. Marta Bastianelli (ita) s.t.
  3. Lotte Kopecky (bel) s.t.
  4. Elisa Balsamo (ita) s.t.
  5. Silvia Persico (ita) s.t.
  6. Maria Giulia Confalonieri (ita) s.t.
  7. Vittoria Guazzini (ita) s.t.
  8. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) s.t.
  9. Rachele Barbieri (ita) s.t.
  10. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) s.t.

GC after stage 6

  1. Marianne Vos (nld)
  2. Silvia Persico (ita) + 0.30
  3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) s.t.
  4. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 0.35
  5. Ashleigh Moolman (rsa) + 1.05
  6. Demi Vollering (nld) + 1.11
  7. Juliette Labous (fra) + 1.19
  8. Annemiek van Vleuten (nld) + 1.28
  9. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den) + 2.02
  10. Mavi García (spa) + 2.40


Jersey wearers after Stage 6:

:yellow_square: Marianna Vos (Jumbo-Visma)
:green_square: Marianna Vos (Jumbo-Visma) on loan to 2nd place Lorena Wiebes (Team DSM)
:white_large_square: Julia Borgstöm (AG Insurance)
:red_circle: Femke Gerritse (ParkHotel Valkenburg)

Combativity Award: Marie LeNet (FDJ)


7 out of the first 10 to finish today are Italian :it:


Saturday 30th July 2022

Stage 7 Sélestat - Le Markstein (127.1km)

The penultimate stage of the tour, and the toughest.

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Results 7th stage 2022 Tour de France Femmes

  1. Annemiek van Vleuten (nld)
  2. Demi Vollering (nld) + 3.26
  3. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den) + 5.16
  4. Juliette Labous (fra) + 5.18
  5. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) s.t.
  6. Silvia Persico (ita) + 6.56
  7. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) s.t.
  8. Urska Zigart (slo) + 7.23
  9. Évita Muzic (fra) + 8.27
  10. Pauliena Rooijackers (nld) + 10.10


GC after stage 7

  1. Annemiek Van Vleuten (nld)
  2. Demi Vollering (nld) + 3.09
  3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma + 4.20
  4. Juliette Labous (fra) + 5.09
  5. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den) + 5.50
  6. Silvia Persico (ita) + 5.58
  7. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 6.03
  8. Évita Muzic (fra) + 10.00
  9. Mavi García (spa) + 11.53
  10. Elise Chabbey (swi) + 12.11


A complete jersey swop around for tomorrow’s final stage!

:yellow_square: Annemiek Van Vleuten (Movistar)
:green_square: Marianna Vos (Jumbo-Visma)
:white_large_square: Shirin Van Anrooij (Trek - Segafredo)
:red_circle: Demi Vollering (Team SD Worx)


Very strong show of force and a very clear solo win for Van Vleuten.
Marianna Vos may have lost the yellow jersey but remains in a commanding lead with the points classification after her nearest rival Lorena Wiebes’ abandonment today due to injures caused in the big pile-up crash of yesterday’s stage 6.


I have been following the highlight reviews by Lanterne Rouge who seem to give a good and balanced synopsis. Here is their view of Stage 7.


Sunday 31st July 2022

Stage 8 (Final) Lure - La Super Planche des Belles Filles (123.3km)

Will be many tired legs on this final stage, and it’s almost as tough as yesterday’s.
The question is whether Van Vleuten can hold on to her 3 minute lead and win this TdFF.
The 7km summit finish should produce a well strung out peloton.


Results 8th stage 2022 Tour de France Femmes

  1. Annemiek van Vleuten (nld)
  2. Demi Vollering (nld) + 0.30
  3. Silvia Persico (ita) + 1.43
  4. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) + 1.52
  5. Juliette Labous (fra) + 1.56
  6. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 2.01
  7. Veronica Ewers (usa) + 2.13
  8. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den) + 2.50
  9. Mavi García (spa) + 2.59
  10. Lianne Lippert (ger) + 3.01
  11. Krista Doebel-Hickok (usa) + 3.16
  12. Évita Muzic (fra) + 3.31


Final GC 2022 Tour de France Femmes

  1. Annemiek van Vleuten (nld)
  2. Demi Vollering (nld) + 3.48
  3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma (pol) + 6.35
  4. Juliette Labous (fra) + 7.28
  5. Silvia Persico (ita) + 8.00
  6. Elisa Longo Borghini (ita) + 8.26
  7. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (den) + 8.59
  8. Évita Muzic (fra) + 13.54
  9. Veronica Ewers (usa) + 15.05
  10. Mavi García (spa) + 15.15

:yellow_square: Annemiek Van Vleuten (Movistar)
:green_square: Marianna Vos (Jumbo-Visma)
:white_large_square: Shirin Van Anrooij (Trek - Segafredo)
:red_circle: Demi Vollering (Team SD Worx)

Team Award Canyon/SRAM Racing


I only got to view the first and last race in its entirety and enjoyed them both. The display of strength and patience by Annemiek van Vleuten today was incredible. Multiple bike changes (where was her team car when the first problem occurred) and she was fortunate to have a team mate with her who swapped bikes so she could continue on. The last climb on the La Planch des Belles Filles was an incredible show of strength as she blew away the breakaway group and the competition in the peloton from a 39 year old. Simply amazing…

…and thank you for the daily updates!!! :biking_woman: :sparkles: :trophy:


From what I saw, the TDFF 2022 was a great tour, the only thing it lacked was wider TV coverage.

Let’s hope ITV4 or another terrestrial channel cover it next year.

Once again, thanks to @Debs for the daily information.


I only have freeview here, so didn’t see any live action, but from what i saw on various internet (youtube mainly) there was good bike racing every day, maybe more dynamic than the men’s tour due to shorter stages.

The 2022 TdFF format; flat stages, getting longer flat stages, into hills, and harder and harder stages as the days go by until the back to back mountain stages at the final weekend (in which Annemiek Van Vleuten sensationally wiped the floor with everyone).

Yes a good tour, a success, but it really needs an ITT, perhaps on the Saturday penultimate stage. Perhaps extend the tour to two weeks with a couple of rest days.

Downer points were far too many crashes especially the fast pile-ups, and the horrendous blanket exclusion from freeview, which after ITV4 showing live TdF was particularly galling. This final point means relatively very few people in the UK know about or have heard (or care about) the TdFF.


Bikepacking the whole Tour de France Femmes route!

Amazing photography and so enjoyable listening to her. Makes me want to get started on the via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome as walking is my thing.


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