Townhsend podiums but not on speakers

As i have a pair at the moment on my fact 12’s and hopefully if all goes well a speaker change next week, well I have been thinking, would they be any good to use as a platform for say my turntable and or my dac?
Obviously i can try for myself once i get the other speakers etc, but as i sit here on my last few days of my holiday, i thought i would just ask the question and see if anyone has, as i know townhsend do a platform which would be similar i guess to this, plus it just so happens that my turntable would be in the right weight zone and also my dcs kit.

I have Townsend Pods under my TT, very effective (necessary). The TT is an Origin Live, it is possible that with other turntables the isolation impact may be different.

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I will certainly give it a go as my turntable doesn’t have any suspension, but it does have a special plinth

What are the new speakers going to be, then?

It will be an interesting experiment but as you have them already why not?
I liked what the bellows feet upgrade, which are similar to the podium’s feet but without adjustable damping, did to my Rock mk2.
I don’t use the Rock at the moment in favour of my solidly mounted, on Fraim Lite and chips, Artemis SA-1.

See my other thread " 808’s in bound".
So as you will probably know that means, kudos titan 808.

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Goodness, two misspellings of Townshend’s name, including the thread title.

I can’t imagine that Max would be impressed.

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I am France and its how they spell it here, wee, wee.

Just been looking a them and to be honest i can’t be asked to build a new top so that they will fit on top of the fraim, plus i think its gojng to look silly, so decided to scrap the idea and they will be going along with the fact 12’s in the deal.

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