Toying with the idea

Hi all

I am toying with the idea of having a listen to a couple of different speaker cables when appropriate next year.
I am currently using NACA5 like many and I am happy with it.
I formally used to use Chord Epic prior to this but found it rather bright and fatiguing. This is how I ended up with Naims NACA5. It was highly recommended and would likely solve my fatiguing brightness trait that was bothering me which it certainly did.
I assume that this is due to the NACA5 being a copper only cable and not using any silver at all like the Epic.
This change was my first foray into cables and opened my eyes to the differences that they can make.

As much as I love the NACA5 I would describe it as warm in character, doing everything well but it certainly doesn’t have that lovely sparkle, crisp nature that the Epic did.
My system is somewhat different to when I last heard the Epic and I am keen to hear some alternatives as this issue may not have been just down to the cable but maybe the system in general.
Obviously the logical first choice would be the Super Lumina and also since using the SL interconnect it would complement nicely. I must say I am also rather drawn to Chords Sarum T for no particular reason other than I would assume that it is of a similar level to the SL but with different shielding characteristics and makeup.

I suppose I feel that I am missing just that slight sparkle and crispness that I remember having with the Epic but at the expense of some shrill and fatiguing brightness with certain music and at lengthy listening sessions.
We shall see.

Best Popeye

If you can try Audience, it can give what you are searching. I received 2 days ago my Audience 24U SX and I am delighted : fast, crisp, organic, and so natural sounding. Expensive, but in Superlumina price range.
You have also the Audience Ono, still excellent.
I use them on 250 dr.

Interesting that you do not mention Phantoms. You will no doubt be aware of lots of happy customers. Any reason?

Couple of reasons.
One, the cable is again copper only and doesn’t use any silver. The Morrgana would be more appropriate if it materialises. The other is to be honest I am not overly keen on the company having read much about them and upon speaking with them along time ago.
Yes they are spoken about a fair bit in here.

You really should put Phantoms on your short list. Great cable.

Good luck popeye, i did the same with Chord, then swapped back to A5. Still connected ! Usual Naim story, seemed immediately better but something was missing for me. BTW, still too expensive IMO and not easy to use, luckily its hardly noticeable in our lounge.

You have also the Tellerium diamond silver speakers cables. If you want silver. A lot here use different Tellerium Q cables. But have not heard personally.


Yes I agree and one of the reasons I am not overly hung up on changing them.
I am interested in hearing what effect this new “Taylon” screening material can do, having read about it.

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The Q’s are not particularly bright, they are quite musical and forgiving cables, but perhaps not as sparkly as what @popeye is searching for. Can never hurt to try them ofcourse!

The problem with crisp and sparkly is that it can quickly become forward and bright, a bit agressive.
But on the other side you have soft, dull, and boring.
So a balance to find with the system, room, speakers…
Not easy.

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Probably why I won’t end up doing anything. :roll_eyes:


Thread closed then? :wink:


Hi popeye,
Indeed, it wasn’t till I completed the full SL loom with the speaker cables last, it all of a sudden all made musical sense. As always these choices will be very personal and often influenced by overall acoustical room response.
I think once we like the Naim sound ( or lack there of) it makes sense to stick with them for synergy. Although my memory goes back to 552/500 non DR, I do recall them making a very positive difference towards neutrality.
There is also an element of future proofing should any unforeseen box upgrades creep in :wink:. ATB Peter

I think I just have the xlrs to go here and then I will be full loom

Another one to try apparently is kudos cable. No idea what it’s made of but well regarded by Polarbear in his system

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I too have Chord Signature XL which replaced the Chord Epic (Epic replaced NACA5). I agree the Signature XL is more musical, transparent and also more neutral than the Chord Epic and NACA5. IMO.

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Yikes - how many?! I had naca5 only from late 1999 to three weeks ago :grin:


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