TQ Ultra Black II has

… component status…I‘m shocked about it…it‘s really that good!


Replacing Naca5 ?

…replacing many others…the usual names mentioned here as well! This cable is outstanding imho.

I agree. I had the original TQ Ultra Black on home demo and was about to buy when UB II became available. I arranged a home demo of UB II and there was no comparison - an amazing cable. Bass, mids and overall clarity is much improved over the original cable. I have the TQ Ultra Black II jumpers too.

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I use EWA LV-25, speaker cables which are designed by Colin Wonford, who designed the original Telerium cables and has worked with Naim previously. The LV-25 cables are special and some believe better than the TQ Ultra Blacks t a much reduced price. They are a massive improvement on my previous NACA5.

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Has anyone directly compared TQ Ultra Black II with SuperLumina? (With a NAP300DR). I am considering both but have no opportunity to audition in my home.

No but I have tried (and purchased now at £700 a pair) some new TQ Silver II speaker cables to replace my TQ Ultra Black. Silver, to my ears, was worth the extra money - less muddy.

I compared the original TQ Ultra Black with Naim SL speaker cable. I preferred TQ Ultra Black. The Naim SL sounded dull and flat by comparison.

Thanks @bongoman

Guys, what is the length of your new Tellurium Q Ultra black cables?

My Ultra Black II cables are 2.5m lengths. I use these with my 250DR with no issues.

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2m- Focal to NAP250DR

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3.5 metre from 250 DR to Kanta 2. Astonishing speaker cable quite a significant upgrade to my system.

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