Track info with tidal

Hi. I’m listening to rather nice Lugano concerts and I don’t have a clue how to check the composer of each piece. What Naim app shows me is a track title which has zero inf on composers. Any clues?

hi @Groove_system
its a real problem with classical-music and the meta-data model used by the industry. i now use shazam app which usually identifies the track and often gives the composer - sometimes via the video rather than track info - eg on voces8 recent release.

Alternatively if you switch to qobuz - which in my view is better for classical (esp hi-res which most recent classical releases are) then you can access/download the pdf of the cd-booklet to get full info on over 90% of classical releases (although you have to use qobuz own app rather than naim app to access those)

i am sure other forumites will have their own solutions

thank you, qobuz is not available in Poland so this will not work. I also sometimes check with Shazam but it’s not always enlightning

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