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Yes I think he says that in the sleeve notes.

Just after the release of the album, I walked into Richards Records in Ashford on my way home from college and there it was in the sale bin for 50p. I put it on the counter and the guy said you really don’t want to buy this. I said but I’m a big fan.

He said after hearing this you won’t…

You’re back :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was living with a woman who own a record shop I obviously had access to anything I wanted to play, and never played it. :grin:


I’m back just busy. :grin:

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I think Klaus Schulze is never going to be an artist for you where tracks can extend to 70mins, especially live. Part of his attraction ARE his track lengths which induce a trance-like state to draw you in.


Within certain limits I actually like a lot of Klaus Schulze’s work, same for Pete Namlook. I have no trouble listening to Bayreuth Return (KS) or Did You Ever Retire a Human? (PN).
A well crafted tune has the right to be long, especially ambient music. Some jazz for example just repeats a driving riff which, to me becomes, irritating after a while. It takes more talent to write a good 3 min rock/pop song with a catchy hook than something that begins with a lengthy sax loop, breaks into a long drum solo, then a long bass solo only to return to another lengthy sax loop. By then my ears are begging for mercy.

Same here. My ears are rested in the morning and unless the weather is really bad I start feeling guilty staying in the house all day listening to music instead of getting some fresh air and exercise.

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I have a Zep bootleg somewhere that was recorded in Seattle in '75, which has a 48-minute version of “Dazed And Confused” on it…

As an impressionable teenager I used to love the version on TSRTS but now I find it goes on far too long; very self indulgent.

Has anyone mentioned Keith Jarrett? Love some of his improvs (e.g. the Koln Concert)

And though I know classical music is not the main subject of this thread, I have to put in a word for Morton Feldman. When I listen to - say - his one track, 79 minute Piano and String Quartet I can reach a state of mindfulness (for lack of a better word) that is as close as I get to meditation. Of course I can only maintain it for about 30 minutes.

Sometimes, on holidays, specially August, when there’s nobody in my building, I am listening at good volume late in the night. During summer I tend to listen more to lps. I don’t know why, perhaps because I have a long summer holidays ( 6 weeks) and can relax.
But in afternoon, I rarely stay at home, even on holidays. Like you I need fresh air and enjoy being outside, doing sport walk , reading in coffee bars, walking in Paris….


I live in Montreal. Winters are long and summers are…short. When the nice weather finally comes around we go nuts until, that is, we start complaining about the heat and humidity.
Like a newly arrived Italian once told me ‘‘here you people complain about the cold for 9 months and then complain about the heat for 3’’

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Canada does have extremes of both! Where I live it very rarely drops below 0C about 3 days fractionally below this last winter) and very rarely above 20C (unusually, maybe 10-15 days last summer). Sometimes I long for real winters and summers (but that’s what holidays are for!). On the few really nice days in the year (extremely rare windless as well as warm) I would rather be out than playing music. But regardless of weather, surely those living in warmer climes still have time after dark, especially in winter, and bad weather days, when the hifi could be played for many, many hours (assuming no work to do).

There are tracks I can think of that could go on for hours. Sweet Jane Lou Reed the intro imo opinion has one of the best riffs. Also Lou’s Walk on the Wildside the sax at the end could just keep going, I always think it’s way too short.

Guess if you think your music is to long you’re probably not enjoying it or maybe your systems not talking to you.


I think Walk on the Wild Side is one of the best songs ever. A true classic that evokes and takes me right back to that period.

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Let it be ………ad infinitum

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