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Since everything is working right, there is still a problem.when I want to hear a album or a song stored on my core, and streamed through the Nova, it plays songs not in the right order. With an album I tick the first song, and after that it plays the tracks on the album randomly.It does also within spotify, and playlists. soentimes when I press a song on spotify , It plays a total other track. Very annoying. I reset the app and cleared the cache, but to no avail…

Have you got shuffle selected in the app?

Check that you have not invertenly switched on the shuffle icon on the left of the volume on the app.

I love these threads about tracks shuffling. It’s like asking ‘when I go for a wee, it goes all over my feet rather than in the toilet. What is wrong?’ To which the answer is inevitably ‘are you pointing your willy in the right direction’.


Shuffle is off.

It is not as obvious as you might think.


If resetting the app doesn’t help then restarting the Nova is the next thing I would suggest. (A full power off restart.)



A few basic questions:

Is it all albums?
Is it a new problem - i.e. the same albums have played correctly previously?
If it is a new problem (with albums that have worked OK before, did you make any change?

Yes"…every given album is playing tracks in random order. Ocured recently. Reinstalled the core and nova.Still the same. Strange…

Ok then I suggest deleting the app, restarting your mobile device and reinstalling the app. Is this Android or IOS? Can you try another phone?



That did the trick. Many THanks.


Happened to me a few times on the ND5XS2 interestingly it was classical music with maybe 10 or 12 tracks, not sure if relevant but never on DSOTM or something.

Good to see you had mostly helpful replies (plus one rather bizarre one!!)

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