Tracks on Qobuz playing out of sequence on Galaxy S22 Ultra

I am the generally happy owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (w/Android 12 and Samsung’s proprietary interface and mods). Tracks on the Naim Qobuz app are playing out of sequence. This was not an issue on my previous S20+. Anyone having the same issue?

Should have mentioned: this is on a Uniti Star.

Problem resolved. Shuffle on. Uncertain whether the app migration triggered or whether I just inadvertently pressed the shuffle icon (which I was unaware of until a little light bulb went off in my head a few minutes ago). Anyway much ado about nada.

Shuffle is a pest. Personally I’d rather it was not there.

Agreed. I’m almost 100% classical. Like I’m going to shuffle the movements of a string quartet? Anyway, sympathy appreciated!

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I agree, I’d love an option to just get rid of it.

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