Tracks that spoil a perfectly good album

Sat here this evening listening to Bjork’s second album Post, and for the umpteenth time I’ve skipped “It’s Oh So Quiet”. Terrible track, why’s it there? Just doesn’t seem to fit with the overall tone of the album (imho etc…). The other one is the cover of “Heatwave” at the end of The Jam’s otherwise marvellous Setting Sons. Just felt like they couldn’t be bothered to finish it properly.

So, what tracks spoil a perfectly good album for you (ignoring Yellow Submarine….obviously).


For me it was always New Kid in Town on Eagles Hotel California. I just hate it.


Heatwave on Setting Sons by The Jam.

No need, just no need.

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Fortunately with streaming from one’s own music store it is simple to delete forever any tracks that spoil an album, and thus forget they ever existed. There have been two or three where I’ve done that - but I don’t recall which albums or what I deleted, as I never come across the errant tracks!


None whatsoever. It was supposed to be Weller’s concept album originally - guess he just run out of tracks, or time.

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I generally try to enjoy a whole album as it was originally intended, but sometimes, just sometimes…


“Caroline’s monkey” on the new depeche mode album. Suspect it’s the same Caroline who was pretty in pink, given the involvement of Richard Butler.

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‘Wicked Uncle Ernie’ and ‘Cousin Kevin’ don’t do much for me on The Who’s ‘Tommy’.


The Police. Synchronicity. Mother. Meh.


The Bobster Tempest - a late period cracker almost wrecked by Roll on John an unnecessary horrendous mawkish tribute to John Lennon - leave it art Bob!

Can’t say it’s something I’ve ever got worked up about. Sure I wish Changes Made wasn’t the compromise track on Music For A New Society by John Cale but Heatwave on Setting Sons? Seriously?

Anyway who saw The Jam that year on that tour will have heard that song as they will have for a few gigs on previous tours. At those gigs it was often the moment both band and audience let rip in unison. A massive communal moment. Is it a exact fit on Setting Sons. Should it be there? Absolutely.

Afraid I find The Eagles so appalling that I can’t imagine a track which would make that album worse.

Yes I was a lot of Jam gigs at that point, a firm fan live favourite maybe, perhaps a worthwhile b-side to a single possibly, but it doesn’t fit on the album - to me. But we all see things differently and that’s great.

David Watts works great on All Mod Cons though.

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Bach Brandenburg 3, middle movement. Just two chords? Seriously?

He never does that elsewhere in his output, neither does any other composer, as far as I’m aware. A missed opportunity for a thoughtful slow movement breather between two absolutely killer but quite complex outer movements. It’s a shame hardly any groups put in an improvised segment based on the two chords - as might have been intended - instead, they usually just string out the two chords as much as they dare which often just sounds silly.


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But they’re fundamental parts of the story!

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Closed Groove from Inflammable Material.


Maxwell’s bloody silver hammer.



2 clear winners in this category for me; Bullet the Blue Sky from U2’s otherwise sublime Joshua Tree and Jazz Police from Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man. Both just abrasive and jarring compared to the rest of either album.

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Shiny Happy People on Out Of Time.

Can’t stand that song! Yes, a bit of pop, but how it sits next to the likes of Losing My Religion and Country Feedback etc I’ll never know….:roll_eyes: I don’t even think Michael Stipe was keen on it and REM rarely ever played it….


I only have a Best Of album of Kim Mitchell cause I’m not a huge fan, but ‘Patio Lanterns’ must be terribly embarrassing for him every time he has to play it. Horrible song …
With tracks like this they must be thinking, hey, let’s see how stupid our fans are.


Anything sung by ringo.