Transferring files from a Synology server to an iPod

Good Morning All,

SWMBO wants to transfer music from our Synology NAS to my son’s old (32Gb) iPod for playing in the car and elsewhere.

Looking at the NAS I can see all the FLAC files but they are not in ‘album’ format. Is there a simple way to transfer files by album? Also how best to transpose the FLAC files to mp3 or similar.



FLAC is aprx x6 larger than MP3, so best convert to MP3,

I copy (WAV) whole albums or in some cases individual track files from my NAS (Synology) over to my Windows laptop
In the laptop I convert to MP3 using dBpoweramp, then plug the iPod (in my case another mobile player type) into laptop & using File Explorer manage folders in artist names & copy (move) the MP3 files over.

I transferred a load of files from a NAS to my wife’s iPod a couple of years ago. I converted copies to ALAC, added them to iTunes on a Mac, and synced it with the iPod. It was pretty straightforward.

If it’s a standard iPod then they will have to be added into iTunes in order to be loaded by the iPod.

As Mike says, you’ll need to convert them into a format that can be used in iTunes and the iPod. DBpoweramp should enable you to do this to ALAC. It will also help you sort out any metadata issues. Then group tracks into album folders. Then find your iTunes folder on your computer and go to the folder called “Automatically Add to iTunes”. In here you add (drag and drop) your albums. Open up iTunes and you should see all your albums. Add any cover art you want. Then when you’re finished, connect your iPod and follow the instructions to synch the iPod with iTunes.

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