Transferring music files from Ready NAS to Synology

My Ready NAS is getting full – thinking of getting a different NAS (probably a Synology) with bigger disk while I am at it. But I am not sure how I will move the files from the Ready NAS to the new NAS when I make this ‘upgrade’. I have actually asked this question here before but from what I recall, the answers assumed quite a bit of prior knowledge – which I don’t have.

Can some kind soul provide noddy instructions that even a complete novice like me can follow?

Many thanks…


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Assuming you are happy copying files from your computer to your ReadyNas, then copying from one Nas to another is just the same. Once the new Nas is set up and connected to the network it’s just a case of dragging and dropping from one to the other and then pointing Asset at the new location. If your albums are all in a folder structure within a top level folder called music, or whatever, you can simply drag that top level folder. The process will take quite a while if you have lots of music but once started will trundle away by itself.

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Thanks Nigel. Yes, I am happy simply copying files but last time I did that in connection with my ripped music, this caused a problem which needed Phil Harris and took a long time for him to sort out. I am in touch with my dealer now… But thanks again…


Is the ReadyNas a backup for a UnitiServe? If so you’ll need to re-live the trauma of setting up the new backup. But if you are using a upnp server such as Asset on the nas, then it’s just a simple copy job. Maybe you did not tell us the whole story…

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I managed to move my UnitiServe/SSD ripped music from ReadyNAS Duo to Synology 218J using the Naim Hard Disk player application. Took about 3 days!!

I wasn’t expecting any difference – but strangely seems that music sounds better from the new NAS – I have no idea why that should be so. Initially I though “nah … y’re imagining it” but its been a few days now and the “improvement” seems consistent.

Strange world --but of course there could be a simpler explanation from the experts on here…


Hi Ken, no idea why it sounds different, I know someone who claims his QNAP sounded better than the old UnitiServe, others say the opposite … ???
But thats another story, I’m posting this as its a coincidence, as it happens only last weekend I helped someone move files from one NAS to another; I did it on his PC, in Windows ‘File Explorer’ touch the ‘Music’ folder that contained all his albums on the old NAS & drag.drop to the new NAS. I left it running & went back later in the day & it was all done.

So are you still using the Unitiserve as server, or is this with a server running on the NAS?

a) If you have 2 harddrives you can replace the HD step by step.
b) Or, copy the files to an external HD (Do you have a external HD for backup? If not you must have!) and later on to the Synology. You can do that with the file manger in Windows oder OSX. I have a network link in Windows Explorer to my “Music” folder on the NAS so I am able to access at any time the albums.

Hi Ken,

It is worth spending a bit of time looking at the hardware architecture of the NASes you are considering, and the software you may want to use now and in the future. It may not be an issue with newer boxes but at one point I was interested in playing with my NAS as a roon server, but the chip set was wrong and the memory insufficient, but then my Synology 1812 is getting a bit long in the tooth.

WRT Sound Quality:
I find this interesting. For some time I had been using boxes from Sonore, and tested those by SOtM, I then moved to an Intel NUC. With these I found that they reacted positively to attention to the backend filestore & power. When I moved to a Linn Klimax I found two things: The filestore difference was very minor; and, I marginally preferred flac. Go figure. I am now streaming flac from my NAS for local files. I suspect, from posting here over many years, that the Naim streamers are similarly far less reliant on the NAS / file store.

yes, i’m using Unitiserve as server…

Hmm so you also found in some cases that the filestore and ancillaries can, in some circumstances affect SQ…? As it happens, I have 3 NASs connected to my net right now – the Synology holds the music stores, the ReadyNAS is still connected but its serving no purpose now so will go soon – and then the QNAP T251 which is for a completely different purpose, i.e. not music related. I half expected this multiplicity to compromise SQ but seems not. I’ll see what happens when I finally disconnect the NetGear NAS

I sought advice from my dealer and he suggested the using the Hard Disk Player application. This was extremely easy to do – accepting the length of time it took. I got into trouble sometime ago when I used Windows File Explore to move Rips about and this ended up taking Phil Harris a long time to fix. In fact there were certain things even he couldn’t fix but they were not important to me so we left it there…

I have Ken, but that was with bits of kit which haven’t had the fuller attention to detail in terms of grounding and power that is received by the likes of Naim, Linn and dCS; and I think it is this that you gain an advantage …at a price.

Sonore, SOtM & Intel NUCs can sound superb, but they need OCD levels of attention to detail in my experience.

But it’s good for playing Tchaikovsky!




You have 3 NASs and no idea what you can do to copy your music libary :thinking:?

Silly me!

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