Transferring photos from iphone to PC

Can anyone, for the love of God, please tell me how to get pics from my iphone over to my PC these days?

I used to be able to just connect my phone to PC and drag pics over through file explorer but now the transfer stops a few seconds in every time.

So I Google it and responses include opening up the photos App on PC and importing form USB, which I’ve tried but it just seems to freeze on locating items and won’t move forwards and is giving me no option to transfer as a result.

Apple’s website says I should download icloud app for windows and import them from the icloud, yet having done so I can’t see any options to import any photos already taken, only those taken in the future(!)

I mean FFS, why does Apple have to make it so bloody difficult?

Can anyone point me in right direction please?


The iCloud app should download all photos you have in the cloud to the PC eventually… Used to work for me quite well, but I’ve now moved to a Mac which for my uses is light years smoother and more intuitive than anything Microsoft have ever released…

You can also use Microsoft Onedrive if you don’t want to clag your phone up with photos and exceed the 5GB free storage. Even if you leave compressed photo on your device 3k photos takes 800MB which pushes my 16GB iPad close to being full.


Same issue.
PC is Windoze 10 (build 1803)
iPhone Xs is IOS 13.3.1

My work-around, using Windows Explorer, is to manually transfer the files “by type”
JPGs will transfer in one go. The problem appears to be with large videos (MOV, MP4).

A charitable person would suggest that this is an unexpected bug in the latest update of IOS…

Cool, cheers SW that could be it, I’ll give it a go.

There appear to be two types of video.

MOV files which are associated with JPGs - photos I’ve taken which have a bit of movement - weird!
These file are all round 5-6 MB. I appear to be able to transfer these one at a time - however they’re of no use to me!

MP4 files which are real videos that I’ve taken (sad to say, I know, but mostly of the kitties!). Small files appear to transfer OK, but larger files always hang!

Hopefully it’s just a bug in IOS 13.3.1…

Microsoft OneDrive can be set to automatically upload photos off all your devices with cameras. Yes, videos take a bit longer. You can decide to restrict upload to when you are connected to WiFi.

When I was doing my pilgrimage my wife was seeing my sunset photos from Finisterre with just a few minutes delay!




Looking into this a bit further, it appears that Apple have helpfully slapped a file size limit on transfer by wired USB. However this limit does not apply to wireless transfers. So if you look in the App Store for something like “Simple Transfer Wireless” there are a number of Apps (at various price points, naturally) that will transfer from iPhone to PC over your local wireless LAN.

I’ve tried one of them, and it does work but the free version is limited to the first 50 items in each “album” on your phone

Thanks for your kind work SW?

Any idea why Apple would do this?


Since the removal of this functionality in GoogleDrive I have One Drive set up to do this. I can also use the Qnap QFile app to do this.

I would think Dropbox would be a good option rather than iCloud, as it seems to work quite happily on iOS, OSX and Windows devices.

I agree - I use it on all three and it’s easy to set up.

Transferring photos/video seems far more error prone these days.

I have found that 3rd party lightning leads are not always as reliable as the Apple provided one so if you’re using a different one, try and find the original lead.

In Settings>Photos at the bottom there is a ‘Transfer to MAC or PC’ setting which is probably best left on Automatic - as Apple have migrated to newer file formats in recent years ‘Keep Originals’ could lead to formats unknown to PCs or older Macs being transferred.

In response to another reply if they have really put a file size limit on wired transfers for video, that stinks!

Same goes for Google Drive

I suspect that this is an Apple security thing, so that you can’t surreptitiously “download” the contents of an IPhone to a USB stick or whatever.


Very likely.

The principle with Apple is that:

If only do what their ecosystem expects…
it just works easily.

If you want to do something they don’t expect (or they have decided you don’t need)…
well good luck, you’re on your own in finding work-arounds for the undocumented system limitations.

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