Transfiguration Phoenix S MC Cartridge repair

I have had 2 of these great cartridges and both have problems with no sound on one channel. Unfortunately they don’t make them anymore, so I would like find out how much it would cost to repair them.
Does anyone have any recommendations for companies I could contact?

Hi, i would contact the “expert stylus company” about getting your cartridge repaired. I have used them several times but only for re-tips and replacement cantilevers, but i’ve always been satisfied with their work.

Maybe @Yeti could advise, as he has a Transfiguration cart, if my memory is enough good.

Mutech actually put them together I believe but I’ve not looked into whether they’ll support them.
I’ve had a Proteus rebuilt with updated suspension by Ana Mighty Sound but I’ve not mounted it in my arm since. A house move got in the way and I’ll be setting my TT up with the last cartridge used when the time comes, which wasn’t the Proteus. A change of room is enough to deal with for now.

I would contact David Griffin of Goldring Cartridges top man.



I asked Goldring about my Proteus but they said they couldn’t do it.

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