Transformer buzz: Steve Huff views on how to cure it

Not often can we see a review on the transformer buzz phenomenon. In the Naim forum many topics and complaints on that.
Maybe that video will help some here.

Tldr; puritan audio psm156 box of magic tricks, revealed at 11 minutes.
Found for circa £1500 online at uk dealer.

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It costs apparently 3300 dollars. Not cheap. I read some use Puritan power blocks here, but this one is a power conditionner. Good with Naim?

Hm it’s 1700 USD in Sweden including their standard power cord. The US distributor must add a lot of margins for them…

Interesting product. Will see if I can lay my hands on a home demo.

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It would have been interesting to know how effective are entry level powerblocks from Puritan. Steve Huff tested the top one with the top power cord.

Whouah, double the price. Big margin indeed.
How do you rate it vs Entreq?

I don’t own the Puritan :blush:

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Interesting and combative thread on ASR - or could be if it didn’t go completely over my head. Graph after graph after disagreement after graph…

So much more expensive than an Airlink Transformers balanced power supply.
Our Airlink Transformers BPS continues to provide great service.


I only get hum on the 500PS. With the 252/300 DR it was the 555DR.

The hum is intermittent. I have a Air Source Heat Pump, but I wouldn’t say the SQ has been affected. I get an excellent sound stage and wonderful textured bass without even listening at the sweet spot!

About 2 weeks ago I fitted an energy monitor that uses a CT clamp and is mains powered. There is quite a range of mains voltage variation through the day, but this does not affect the hum and neither does the ASHP running. The power factor when the hob or oven are running is close to 1 indicating the incoming AC is good.

The next electrical change is a new CU for the solar, battery and EV charger. I’ve asked that they add a dedicated CU for the HiFi using the spare Henley Block outlet (we already have 2 CUs). The smaller second one which is not metal and has 100mA RCD will be replaced with a larger one to the latest requirements. We will see if this makes a difference to the hum. In the meantime I just live with it!


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