Transition to Naim

Those little Tribes will be happy, and would take a 250DR easily I expect. I run Hawks with my Nova on the lounge TV and they always delight. I was testing the Hawks on my used Star I just got and that worked well too, and as I had them out I tried them on the 252/250 in place of the Forest Signatures - they were pretty happy there too, though the Forests are quite a bit better. Anyway, after all that I’ve grabbed the last pair Rainmakers available here and they will go with the Star.

Enjoy the SN2/NDX2 with the Tribes, that will be a great setup.

I use an optical cable with my 272 and TV and it works great but I’ve always assumed a HDMI connection would be better for home theater.

I have a hard time believing any company that tries to sell you a $70,000 speaker cable!!!

Think you missed the point

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