Transport for my Superuniti

Hay guy’s a wee question…I use a superuniti /pmc twenty 21’s fed from a synology nas along with Spotify for finding new music .lately I find my Internet going down from time to time and unfortunately as it all runs from the Internet…I am left without any music to listen to.So I’ve been thinking about getting a cd player or hdr blue ray to use as a transport into the superuniti’s dac…as I don’t already have a blue ray player I’d rather go this route if the compromise in Sound quality wasn’t to diminished…any thoughts please.

If you’re only streaming from the internet, what is the NAS for? Or do you mean that your own network isn’t working, so that tge NAS doesn’t work either?

If Skinnypuppy is using the switch in his router then it may well not work while the router is rebooting and trying to reconnect to the internet. I remember exactly this problem with a BT Home hub when I tried to use my Qb and my Core in a holiday let.

As someone pointed out to me at the time, the solution is to use an external switch connected to the router and then the Naim devices connected into that switch can go on working whatever the router is up to, providing it worked initially so the units could get an IP address. A Netgear GS105 would be fine for the purpose. It’s a bit more complicated if one unit is connected with WiFi, and there is the question of how to control the Naim if the WiFi is down, but the principle is the same.



I use a cheap Samsung Blu Ray player into my Nova on the very rare occasions I play a CD and it sounds fine - if I were you I’d get a Blu Ray as it’s much more use!

Good point from Chris though - it may be worth sorting out your network before spending money.

Yes . if my Internet goes down…everything else connected to the router goes down…my nas(plex server) is connected to my router via av powerlines.
SWITCH?would this be a little box with eight or so ethernet ports from the likes of tp link…I already have one and it makes no difference.

Yes, some routers supplied by ISPs do tend to stop your LAN if the internet connection fails, which is annoying. I prefer to use my own network hardware to run the wired and wireless network, connected to the ISP supplied router, which can’t then do this.

Oh well,just bagged myself a Sony ubp-x800 which will allow me to spins some discs next time the network fails…heck I might just spin them to get me off my…oh and apparently it’s a fine 4k bluray player to boot.

Hope you enjoy your new toy, but in your position, I would want to get to the bottom of the network issue too. You might want to talk to your ISP if you’re getting internet dropouts, but you can prevent these from affecting your home network fairly easily.

I do the same as Chris - I have a £50 Linksys router that is fed the internet signal from the ISP modem and everything runs on that independently of internet access. I mainly got it because the wifi performance is much better but it would solve at least some of your problems.

Well my nwp is virgin media and it’s notorious for dropping out up here in Scotland…but it’s not as bad as it used to be…I needed a player of some sort anyway for movies and a backup cd neighbour is quite handy at networking and pc stuff so I’ll given him a knock on the door.

It will only make a difference if your NAS and your SuperUniti are connected to the switch by ethernet or some ethernet bodge like power line adapters, but not by WiFi. You basically want only one ethernet cable going into the router.



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