Travel/Holiday Insurance

Our annual insurance runs out mid August, right in the middle of our forthcoming visit.

Our current insurance broker has informed us he can no longer obtain cover. We have been covered though a profession-based organisation for the past 15 years and that organisation has been unable to appoint a replacement broker. The underlying insurance company apparently consider there is insufficient business to continue the arrangement and don’t deal on a personal one-to-one basis.

So we are looking for a new insurer. Annual travel with cruising plus high-risk activities including skiing and piloting aircraft for a couple of over-seventies.

So far I have simply Googled “insureandgo” and their prices seem OK (but a good deal more than we were paying). Are they a good insurer ?

Any other recommendations.

Saga? American Express?

Several bank accounts include insurance, such as the Nationwide FlexPlus. Might that be an option?

Saga, staysure and flexicover…i always choose a 5 star Defaqto rating as well. AXA are good but pricey depending on medical conditions.

I have this covered with my main bank account, plus specific travel when I pay for a trip with AmEx. They’ve worked well for me in the past, finding lost luggage far better than the airlines, (& delivering to a bush location) emergency medical. It includes most all I can see thats needed - medical evacuation etc - not sure what else I would need.

Hi Don,

My wife is an independent travel agent. For the type of insurance you require she advises her customers to go online to (Martin Lewis).
Select the Insurance drop down tab- Travel Insurance - Over 65 - Dangerous Sports etc and you should declare any medical conditions.


We have two adult sons living with us, who usually come on at least one of our holidays with us. We found family annual insurance to be best - often cheapest, though last renewal it was more than two of us annual ad a couple and them single trip, but our choice was on the fact that the holiday we had planned was very much a family one, and with separate insurance if something happened we might not all have been treated as a family group.

Ours has got increasingly more expensive with time despite only one claim several years ago, partly perhaps because insurance dies, partly through getting older, and partly because it seems sometimes that health things trigger higher costs even if i) they have been fixed with no likely follow up or ii) tinvestigations that found nothing untoward.

We are presently with Liverpool Victoria. Have used on and off (mainly on) for quite a few years. The one time I had a claim they were very good, and I know someone else who has said likewise. Every year I do a check through Moneysupermarket, and I did switch to someone else for a year, then by the following year their price was higher than LV.

You might try Rothwell and Towler. They are good with older people, pre-existing and have ski, cruise, USA options. I use their World First Policy and find it to be a good fair price so far, although I’ve never made a claim.

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