Treble in Uniti NOva

I just bought a Uniti Nova with 2 Focal K2 936 speakers. NOT happy with the sound.
I like bright sound ( high treble), unfortunately the Nova does not have any tone controls, so I am looking for a solution.
I have an analog equalizer, I was wondering if I can connect the analog out from the Nova to the equalizer, and then back again to the Nova analog in? will this allow me to adjust the treble?. Will this work?

Unfortunately you cannot do that, and it would be far from ideal anyway. Did you not consider getting something with tone controls before getting the Nova? Pointing the speakers directly at your head can give a more concentrated treble performance and may be all you need.


You should talk to your dealer. You’ve just given him a large chunk of money, and his job is to sell you a system that you are happy with. Did you get a proper demo, maybe try some different speakers to see what you prefer? Did he help you ensure it was set up properly?


hi Fadi, and welcome to the Forums.

I’ve heard that combination when both the Nova and the K2 has been fully run-in - was very well balanced; nothing lacking in any frequency.

Are both the Nova and speakers brand new? If not, I would get some hours on them so they ‘open up’. I would also experiment with positioning, as previously noted.

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In addition to the previous posts, did you verify that the speaker cables are installed correctly, i.e. in correct phase on both ends (Nova and speakers).

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How did you feel when you listened to the combo? Or did you buy it without listening? I could imagine you’d look for speakers with tweeters that are on the more prominent side. Focal is not the first speaker manufacturer I would fancy with that in mind, although I haven’t heard the K2 936 myself.

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Thanks, yes I checked, no issue with cables

Far far from an audiophile, but have the same Nova/Focal K2 936 setup as you. I’m a jazz fan and use Roon, and its DSP/equalizer, to adjust the sound when I want to enhance the highs/treble.

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