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I set up a pair of Triangle Genése Trio with my Superuniti and I found the result very compelling. Speaker cable used is Ixos xhs553. Especially the midrange is very natural, base deep and clean and treble never intrusive. Has anybody tried their Naim gear with the Triangle standmount speakers higher up the chain - “Signature Theta” or “Magellan Duetto”?

I found one using Triangle Duetto , from @Ignace post. Another one use Triangle Celius. Both with full Naim system.

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Yes. I’m running my Duetto’s with a 300DR, 252 Supercap DR and Townshend Fractal F1 speaker cables. I first tried the small Triangle comete. Loved it and therefor tried the Duetto’s. It was as good as hoped for. So I bought them. Used it with an LFD integrated at the time. Few years ago I switched to Naim. I’m enjoying it every day.
What I also like about them is that it uses small bass ports at the front, so near wall placement is a very good option. As my house is rather small - a must for me.
After years of use, I still love them. Even more so after I got to use the Townshend F1’s.
What was annoying at first though, was a speaker hiss (coming from the 252). Still there, but it doesn’t bother me as I can not hear it from the listening position.
I enjoy them every day.


Was there a big enough difference soundwise between the “Comete” and the “Duettos” to justifie the price difference? For me, the fact that these speakers are frontported is also a dealbreaker, I just prefer the sound.

To me it was. Same sound signature but way larger sound, pinpoint imaging, much more colourful, way more slam and silkier as well.
There are some established online reviews: B&W805 is not even in the same ballpark. (I compared these and many others also myself.)
There is one speaker though, which I found exceeded the Duetto’s: Yamaha ns5000. Someday…
Over the years I have been trying to improve my system with all kinds of tweaks. The Duetto’s stil show it to me. So I expect to live with them for a long time.
But I must say that my amplification is rather ok. Don’t know how yours will match and give the same result.
Happy pondering.

Thank you for sharing your experiences regarding the “Duettos”. I have been reading about the Yamaha (both the ns3000 and 5000), but (luckily) they are not available in my town.

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