Trichord Dino inbound - remove NAC82 boards and replace with blanks?

I am expecting a Trichord Dino, Never Connected power supply and the deluxe cable between the two to arrive today as a Christmas present and am wondering what the general advice is regarding pulling the NAC82 boards in my amp.

I currently have a set of naim 523 MC boards in there but have also found a box of what look like blank boards. I gather there may be a minor sonic benefit to removing the 523 boards but should I leave no board in there or put the blank boards I have found back in?

I have to say that the SME IV has transformed the Gyrodec from being inferior to the NDX and CDi to being the best source in the house. Since it arrived I literally haven’t stopped playing vinyl and rediscovering my sizeable record collection, much of which hasn’t been played for years. It really has been fantastically enjoyable as those records hold so many memories of student days, friends, old girlfriends and parties etc.

It will be very interesting to see how much improvement over the naim phono boards the top Dino configuration can deliver - I’m certainly hoping it will prove worthwhile as the cost isn’t insignificant!

Having such a formidable front end is now tempting me to start buying vinyl again although wow - it is expensive!! I do wonder if the greedy record companies are in danger of killing off the golden goose! As an example ‘the Band’ 50th anniversary release of their second album is £24 on vinyl and £5.99 on CD or I can listen for £20 a month on Tidal. Even if the turntable sounds the best even I am struggling to justify buying the vinyl version over the CD!

Interested in comments,


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