Troika Bolts

Asking for a friend, seriously. Anyone know a supplier of suitable nuts and bolts including small pins for fitting a troika? We thought M2 bolts were the ones but the heads are too big for the holes in the cartridge since they go in from the bottom up. Ooh misses. Also he needs to connect female, troika, to female wires from the arm, so small pins are required. I’m not near my LP12 Aro rig at the moment due to being in the father land. Cheers in advance for any tips.

I just had an ancient Troika rebuilt by Goldring (although the name on the invoice is Armour Home Electronics). Maybe they can help.

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I’d suggest getting in touch with a dealer who specialises in Linn analogue products such as LP12s and the like.


Absolutely, just wondered if there was an optimum solution to use, cheers.

Thats exactly what he has had done. Impressive,so I’m told.

Did you try M2 Cap Head screws, the head is 3.2mmØ as against 4mmØ for the Pan Head screws.

:small_blue_diamond:@Martinzero,…Do as Richard.Dane said,.then you get the right Troika bolts at once.

There are different lengths on these,.but a Linn-retailer solves this for you.
And the material on these Troika bolts should be stainless steel,.but it knows a Linn-retailer.
Have you Linn’s “setting-disc” for cartridge,.otherwise you can buy it from a Linn-retailer.

:black_small_square:Importantly,.you should only use these bolts once.
If you change the cartridge,.or loosen the bolts for another reason,then switch to new bolts.

•The reason is,.that the material in the bolts is stretched out when you tighten the bolts.
If you loosen the bolts and tighten them again a second time,.this gives worse soundquality.

So if you should now buy new bolts,.so buy several at once.


Thanks to all, a “symbiotic” solution was found, can’t wait to hear it now

:small_blue_diamond:@Martinzero,…:grin::joy::grin:,.then you live in Uk I suppose…


They are helpful to non uk customers for sure

He does I’m in Germany :shushing_face: but in the UK I have an Aro Troika

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Wow, that’s a LOT of force. To plastically deform an M2 stainless steel bolt (A2 or A4 material) requires between 40 and 90Kg of load on the bolt.

Unfortunately A2 (i.e. 304) and A4 (i.e. 316) stainless steels are so variable that it’s not possible to predictably load them to a given plastic ‘set’. Furthermore, to ‘set’ a stainless bolt that is specifically manufactured to give a specific set on tightening also requires the bolt and nut to be scrupulously degreased and then requires the use of a torque wrench. Not only that, but unless the arm is really well supported, the forces involved will also be enough to seriously damage arm bearings.

This doesn’t sound like the sort of job one should even think about undertaking without specific tools (or a precision engineering workshop!) and the knowledge as to how to use those tools on very delicate mechanisms!


BTW, its being fitted to a Well Tempered Versalex so i think you just lift the whole arm out of the goo and fit the cartridge securely upside down. Not for the faint hearted though :wink:

Thanks Xanthe

The thought of those bolts being wound up to that kind of force is alarming to say the least!!

Surely the days of “linn tight” are long behind us…

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