Trouble connecting qutest with SN2/Nd5 XS2

Thought I was doing this correctly but can’t get this to work.

I have a BNC cable connected to the digital out of my Nd5 and into my quest. I’ve then connected rca cables from the analog out of the qutest into my SN2 via the aux 1 inputs. But alas no sound. Roon is just showing the Nd5. All is well when I have the Naim din cable going from the Nd5 into the SN2.

Any ideas on what the issue might be? Thanks

Have you enabled the digital out on the ND5? And turned off the analogue?

Just saw the bnc selection in the settings! Cheers.

Now I can begin by comparison of the Nd5 dac against the qutest.


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Interested to know your thoughts

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Please post your observations!

There is a firmware ‘feature’ in the ND5XS2 when using the ‘digital out’ mode. The ‘sleep’ function cuts out on the timer, even if actively playing from a source such as a CD player or music library. It doesn’t just naturally restart and needs a full power off and a factory reset to get it going again. I thought I was going mad - I contacted Naim and I did as they requested and took it into my local Naim dealer. After a full day of experimentation with different options they identified this ‘dropping out’ and also reproduced it on their own demo ND5 XS2.

These are great streamers, especially with a Naim Powerline and good digital interconnects into your Chord DAC.

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How did your comparison work out? I’m curious as to the ND5 XS2 into a Qutest

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