Trouble finding ND555

Having trouble finding the ND with the Naim app on the IPad.Need to search 3 or 4 times before it connects. I usually put the ND on standby after a session. WiFi is fine. I reconnected the Bluetooth antenna which didn’t help. I took it off after I read the HiFi critic review saying it sounded better with all antennae off.rebooted app and ND too.
Any suggestions?

A bit more info on your network setup may be helpful.

Router to switch in the basement then 50 foot run cat-6 to hifi room directly to the ND555. NAS also connected to switch in the basement.

What switch is it?

Pakedge 24 port unmanaged switch. Have Control-4 home automation.

OK. Does your iPAD connect to your ISP Router WiFi?

yes at over 100mps

Could it be that whilst your iPad connects with the router locally, when you’re using it in the hi-fi room, it’s not receiving a strong enough wi-fi signal?

I cured this problem by connecting an AirPort Extreme base station directly to the router, and an Airport Express next to the hi-fi, and created a separate network solely for my music, since which time it finds the streamer without fail.

Its 100 mps in the hifi room on the iPad
thx Dave

The connection speed is largely irrelevant, the main thing is that the ND555 is on the same part of the network as the iPAD. Sounds to me like a discovery issue - do you have a cheap basic consumer switch to temporarily replace the Packedge one?

I don’t have a basic switch but its possible that the direct cat-6 connection to the ND and the cat-6 connection to the WAP (wireless access point) going to Hi-Fi room are coming off 2 different switches. I have 2 switches fed by the same router.

Aah right. So you are not connecting your iPad to the router but to a WAP?

WAP, ND555 & NAS should all come off the same switch. And then your ND should get discovered promptly.

I have two switches, one for computer stuff and the other for music; both plug into the BT router.

It may be best practice for SQ, but I really don’t think you do have to have everything on the same switch to get good discovery.

I have six unmanaged switches in a part daisy chain, part separate branch structure and two WAPs one of which is the router and the other is a different SSID from an Apple AirPort Extreme connected by cat5e to one of the switches. Whichever WAP my iPad or iPhone are on, discovery of my 5 streamers and my UnitiCore by the app is pretty rock solid. The streamers are on several different switches.

But I would be inclined to buy a cheap switch like a Netgear GS*** as a substitute for your Pakedge and see if that helps discovery.

Also you can use an app like Net Analyzer or Fing to see what is going on on your network.



My WAP attached the Cisco provides the fastest discovery, if I connect my control pad to the router Wi-Fi it takes a while for devices to appear.
Also I have the Cisco set as an IGMP querier.

Had some time to look at my set-up today. WAP,NAS and ND555 all coming off the same switch.

Is it working better :grinning:

I should have been clearer in my post, they were already off the same switch

Aah, I see. Does your WAP or switch support IGMP snooping?

Sorry Guinness I don’t know what that is

You could Google for your network devices and see what supports IGMP (this protocol helps with discovery) AIUI.
I suspect your ‘audio’ switch may be the issue and things would work with a simple Netgear. If you could configure your switch as an IGMP Querier that may help too; as it did with my Cisco 2960. Do Packedge have a support helpline?