Trouble updating firmware Muso Qb 2

Dear Richard,

Can you please help me. I’ve done all the things everybody advise me but nothing helped.

Put off the power cable for 30 minutes and reconnect. Maybe it will solve your issue.

If none of the suggestions work. I would leave it overnight to see whether it sorts itself out and, if still no joy then give support a call on Monday.

Thanks I will try

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Ok, thanks for your reply.

Connect via Ethernet cable direct to your router or switch, also try deleting the Naim app, reboot the iPad and reinstall the app. Also if your Wi-Fi is dual (2.4ghz and 5ghz) and you have to use WiFi then disabling the 5ghz mode when first connecting / installing sometimes helps.

My firmware update went through easily this time on 2.4gHz Wi-Fi as did my Atoms on Ethernet.

Hi Richard,

I’ve tried to leave it overnight. Nothing changed. I tried to re-install the Naim app and again pushed the little button on the back site.
I show you two pictures what I see now on my Qb. I will call to support.
The light on the back is flashing red

Flashing red indicates a system fault. Have yoU spoken to your dealer or wherever you purchased it from?

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