Trouble using thumb drive with ND5XS2

After visiting the Bristol show I noticed a large number of demonstrators were playing music of a thumb drive, a few days later I decided to load some of my music files onto a drive.
Everything seemed to work fine for awhile but after about 45 minutes my streamer seemed to freeze, it wouldn’t play from the drive, Qobuz or from any radio channels.
Switched off , then back on after a few minutes, nothing, tried a couple more times and it came back to life, this has happened every time I try to play from the drive in either front or rear usb doesn’t make any difference, eventually it will freeze. Never had this happen when just streaming music.
Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening.

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Is the USB drive new?

If not, have you used it before ? If so, how?

Hi Neil, I have tried two different drives, when it did it with the first drive, this one wasn’t new and had some other files on it plus when I added the music files it became pretty full so thought it may have been that, so bought a new drive purely to put the music files on and it has made no difference still works for a few albums then freezes, I say freezes let me clarify that, I use an ipad to operate the streamer and looking at the ipad music is playing but the system is not producing any sound output, I have never had an issue with the streamer until I started to use the thumb drives.

Strange. May I suggest a full power down, remove IEC cable from unit and leave for 15 mins.
Re place mains cable and reboot.
Let it fully settle, with steady green light, then retry.

Thanks, will give that try, seems really strange as the streamer has worked perfectly up until the introduction of the drive.
Is there a preferred drive, regarding make or storage capacity or could it be the file types that are causing an issue. Shame this has become a problem, I have quiet a selection of ripped cd’s and really enjoyed running threw them again.

It could possibly be a formatting issue but I would think that would prevent any reading from the drive.
It could be a corrupted drive but again, two drives? Doubtful.
I don’t think there is a preferred make of drive.
Do a search of the forum, there have been previous threads on issues with USB drives.
Perhaps another member with more knowledge could suggest some solutions…or perhaps @Richard.Dane may be able to throw some light here.

I’d try a reboot.

I used this method on my ND5 XS2, and then again on my NDX2 with no problems at all - over 100GB of hires audio files. Also no issues with different thumb drives.

As mentioned, full power down, and unplug for a short period

Thanks, each time it has happened I have powered down and this seems to rectify the problem until I use the drive again and the same thing happens, I will try using the drive again over the weekend and see if the problem persists.

Is it possible that some of the files could be causing the issue, I must admit this is new territory for me so I may have done something incorrectly when originally copying the cd’s.

I did notice that some cd’s bring up the cover art others show nothing not sure why as I said this is new ground for me so a bit of a learning curve.

Ooh, actually that can be another issue if the cover art is too large. Keep to no larger than 1000x1000 pixels.

Maybe it helps.

Have used a 512GB (FAT32) nano Sandisk stick in both my Uq2 and 272 for 2 years now without an issue. Plugging it in a NDX2 for testing at my local dealers, results in playback stopping randomly for a split second, multiple times during a single track.

Try formatting one of them as “exfat”; just to rule out Fat32 vs exfat as a cause.

Hi Robert, this is pretty new ground for me, how would I do this and will it cause any issues with the music files already loaded on the drive, excuse my ignorance.

Hi, that will require a reformat of the drive which will wipe all data. Assuming you’re using Windows, right click on the drive in Explorer, select format, then exFat. Once that’s reformatted, put some tracks on it and try it again in your streamer; does it still freeze during playback?

Thanks Robert I will give it a try, hopefully it will solve the issue.

Just to update, changed the format of the drive and reloaded the music files, played for a good two hours no issues then it froze.
Switched to streaming and played a few tracks, left the system running while I walked the dog , came back tried the usb input and the drive worked fine, so an improvement from before but not perfect but definitely better, is it worth trying another drive to see if that may cure the issue or might it be a issue with an individual file.
At least we are making some progress.

Did you check that your artwork was not over 1000x1000, and also when you did a power cycle, did you actually unplug the device from the wall (very important).

It shook all work seamless

I really don’t understand why this is happening. I have been using a thumb drive plugged into my NDX2 for years without any problems. I have my whole collection of around 650 albums in aiff and flac on a 1GB thumb drive.
There are two ways to access the thumb drive: by the USB logo in the app, and the storage input (I forget the exact name). I don’t access it with the USB input, but the other one. The other input is more user friendly and is problem free for me.
Best of luck to you.

I think that is select Servers and then select Local Storage.

Yes, that is it! I renamed mine in the app, and I forgot what the original name was. Thanks.