Troubleshooting in 2022

I recently powered up my system after the holidays. I now have no sound in the left speaker when playing CD but all is good with vinyl. I’ve since powered down, re-plugged all connections and tried again. No change.
So I guess the problem is not with pre or power amps. Any ideas or has anybody had a similar issue?

Maybe my old CDS3 has hit the buffers?

Thanks for any suggestions


Check the cable from CD player to preamp. Probably that.

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Dave, have you tried connecting to a different input? Also, try the RCA outputs on the CDS3 - you’ll need to enable these via the DISP press and hold function.

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I’ve checked that the CDS3 was still set to din. Then changed the CD input channel on the 552 to input 1, it was previously on #2. Same issue.

I need to dig out the old grey din-din cable to try that in place of the Hi Line. The locate a set of RCA’s.

The plot thickens today. I dug out the old grey interconnect (SNAIC?) from the attic and tried this in place of the Hi Line. Same problem, no left speaker output.
Then, just to try it, I put the output to “mono” using the front panel buttons on the NAC. Hey presto, sound from both speakers. Same too when I put the Hi Line back in.
So source 2 (vinyl) is fine. Normal CD input has no left sound out with both SNAIC and HiLine. Both speakers are fine with mono output.
I don’t have any RCA cables handy to try out.

Any ideas anybody?


I believe the “Mono” button simply sums the two channels. So you are now getting the right input channel through both speakers.

Sounds like an issue with the CDS3/XPS

Maybe the burndy?

Sounds like a CDS3 player issue. Possibly a sticky relay.

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Hopefully just a relay on the CDS3. Repairing these can be impossible if the laser mech is bad.

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