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I was sitting in my kitchen working, and literally, all of a sudden one of my speakers began to emanate rather loud, static/rumbling noises, violent enough that the speaker driver was moving vigorously in and out - not a noise you want to hear coming from your speaker, lest a new driver gets added to the repair bill.

I ran over and shut off the 250. Waited a minute or two, then turned it on - noise started, but less than before. Turned it off, and switched the speaker wires. The noise was still less, but was still there, and was coming from the other speaker. Turned it off again, returned the wires to their original placement.

My assumption is that it is the 250-DR - but without another amp, I cannot fully rule out the 272, although it “seems” the 250 would be the culprit. My serial numbers put them at 2015 year of manufacture, but I purchased them second hand. I am also a “leave them on all the time” person (except, of course, when leaving for extended periods or when thunderstorms are in the area.).

Any other ideas on what I could do to nail down where the problem is? I have it on again right now, and the noise is a light static coming from the original problem speaker that I have to get pretty close to hear, but the other speaker is dead quiet. Clearly, something has s**t the bed, but for both cost and downtime considerations, I want to be sure to address the correct piece of gear, as I anticipate a pretty hefty repair bill as well as it taking a month or 2 to turn it around. :disappointed:

Only I could end up with a piece of one of Naim’s most iconic units and have it crap out in 5 years…when 10 or more is a reasonable expectation.

UPDATE: now it is as quiet as the other speaker…but somehow I don’t think this is going to be a “spontaneous remission”. And now I would definitely not leave it on when I am not at home for fear of it going off again and ruining the speaker.

As expected, it did it again - not as loud as initially, but “Houston we have a problem.”

Bummer - can you try running your NAD off the 272 to see if it’s the 272 or 250?

Can you try headphones? If they work it is less likely to be the 272. Sound like caps in the 250 are starting to fail. You don’t want them connected to speakers when they go open circuit though.

Be open minded and test everything though. “Probably” the 250 isn’t the same as “definitely” the 250.

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I turned the 250 off last night, after turning it on I am waiting for it to misbehave again to check. Obviously something is on the way to failure, and I agree it is most likely cap(s) in the 250. When it starts again I will try both ideas above.

You shouldn´t do that because if it´s the 250 in real she might grill your speaker coils. I would like to advise you to not test with speakers and to get in contact with your service technician immediately.

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Yes, that is probably the best approach - I spoke to my dealer earlier and will get a RMA.

Many years ago something went wrong with my nap 200. I saw some smoke going out of one speaker. A shock !
No music for 3 weeks after. All was hopefully still under guarantee.

Don has the correct approach- do not play anymore music. Damage to your speakers is a real consequence…

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It sounds like it could be the same thing that happened to my 250DR just before lockdown - a sort of rustling noise that initially seemed to die down after a while but then progressively got worse. I can’t recall now what it was but perhaps @NeilS can remember…

Funnily enough, I was only thinking about your DR the other day Richard, but I couldn’t remember for the life of me what the cause of the fault was!
I would certainly agree with the advice to disconnect speakers until the fault has been rectified.


Richard - a “rustling” static noise is a very apt description. I am preparing my unit for a vacation to Canada. :frowning:

Well, my 250-DR is on its way back to Naim for repair - thanks to all who responded.

My 272 dac board went (twice) and what you describe sounds just like it.

Hope you get it sorted swiftly.


Well, if it is not the 250, then I will have to send the 272, so quickly won’t be part of the equation.

Thanks for the additional heads up.

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Well, my 250 went to Naim and back - was pronounced healthy.

So my 272 left for Montreal today. I will be sure and mention the DAC board per your suggestion Graeme.

I couldn’t resist playing the system a little while it was “together” for a few days. I only had it on when I was in the room, turning it off at night lest the issue resurfaced.

If they find nothing wrong with the 272, I will be one bummed out dude, because I didn’t hallucinate the problem.

Good luck. The Dac board issue happened twice with my 272.


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