I’m running a 150,122 and a fc and a pair of Sbl speakers.Can I hook up another 150 to my system making the 150’s mono?

You can, but why would you? You’d only be using half of each 150. You’d be better improving the preamp and then the power amp.

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Is the question “Can the 150 be bridged making a mono amp?” (Effectively giving twice the max voltage output.)

Not sure in what way that is troubleshooting…


Add an ixo to the party …

Yes, not much point using just half of each NAP150. Better to either; get an IXO and an other NAP150 and go active. Or…

…how about trading in your existing 150 and perhaps also the FC and then going for a NAP200DR? @Christopher_M has done something similar with his NAP152xs with great results. Of course it does beg the question of what is the source and could improvements be made there?

I can certainly vouch for the idea of getting a NAP200DR and getting the DR tech into your NAC122x. Your SBLs will probably love the extra grunt too.

As Richard says though, it does beg the question as to your source(s).

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