True Signals vs HiLine vs SL vs Chord Sarum

So does anyone have experience of True Signal DIN to RCA vs a Naim HiLine vs Super Lumina vs Chord Sarum Cable, between a NDS/555DR and a non-Naim amplifier?

HiLine is used presently, after moving from RCA-RCA with my former ND5XS, to DIN at the Naim end. Substituted the NDS for the ND5XS, then the 555DR for the XP5XS but with the HiLine.

Is the SL worth it, is the True Signal Ultimate as good as & better than the HiLine or is it time to look at Chord?

Have a Chord Anthem Tuned Streaming Cable feeding the NDS from local Netgear 5-port switch following a demonstration by Chord of how different Streaming cables can make a different.


I tried the True Signal versus SL din to din between nd 555 and 252, and also the din to xlr to Nap 300. The SL i found to have a closed in sound compared to the True Signal which had more detailed and open presentation…but a little bright. A better combo was True signal at source and SL to the power amp. In the end i decided to stick with the Hiline and std interconnects. Witch hat have some new interconnects called Morgami coming out in August priced at £450 to £600, will wait a little longer and listen again to true signal, SL and witch hat.

So, in reply to my own post:
True Signal Audio Ultimate DIN-RCA is an improvement over my existing HiLine DIN-RCA. It terms of detail, soundstage and overall presentation.

I haven’t been able to home trial a Naim SL DIN-RCA nor a Chord Sarum-T version - plus at an RRP of over £2,000 for either of these, they would have to be significantly better than the True Signal Audio Ultimate.

The WitchHat Morgami range is still at pre-order stage, so looks like my selection is done.

So if anyone else is looking for a DIN-RCA cable, I can recommend the True Signal Audio Ultimate - great sound, at good value.


Do enjoy Simon they are a great interconnect

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