True source first project?

So, work has begun today on preparing my house ready for a new hifi system.

Radial mains circuit
Belden Catsnake Cat6a cable being run through garage

The soundproofing wasn’t originally planned for hifi reasons but once I’d decided on it it seemed silly not to do the other things at the same time

Day 1


Don’t forget acoustic treatment as well as sound insulation!

Wow. I’ve thought about moving a door and taking some cupboards out but that’s a whole new level of dedication. Maybe I’ve been thinking too small.

Like I said, if it was just for the hifi I wouldn’t have done it but it’s also to keep out noise from the neighbours. I am expecting a sound quality improvement though by replacing the very resonant thin dry wall partitioning.

Catsnake 6a running through garage between hallway to lounge area.

2 new dedicated radial circuits

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