Truly well recorded audiophile quality music that one can enjoy listening to as well

Lots of so called audiophile albums are not exatly a pleasure to listen to, music is no good, but these 3 stands out with great music and great audio;

Naim Label
Naim label
Naim Label craftsmanship. These 2 albums are long time favorites of mine.

Carmen Gomes One point Stereo recording
Brand new one point stereo recording, stunning audio quality and realisme, highly recommended.


Please do post more suggestions.

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Neil Cowley Trio’s excellent follow up is available but unfortunately not on the Naim label and not in hi-res.
Great sounding 48/24 bit download though.
links at the bottom of the video; [video][/video]

David Crosby: Croz. 24/48. qobuz
Yussef Kamaal: Black Focus. 24/48. bandcamp
Alfredo Rodriguez albums, 24/96, on qobuz
Shelby Lynn: Just a little loving. 24/96, qobuz
Aoron Parks: little big. 24/96, qobuz
Jeff Beck: Live +, 24/96, qobuz
Nik Bartsh ‘Ronin: Llyria, 24/96,;qobuz
Kazumi Watanabe : live at Irridium, 24/96, qobuz
Ahmad Jamal/ Yussef Lateef: Live at Olympia, 24/48, qobuz
Miles Espanol: 24/192, hdtracks
Rodolphe Burger: Valley sessions, 24/96, qobuz
Laurent de Wilde: New Monk trio, 24/96, qobuz
Aka Moon: Now. 24/96, qobuz
Dave Holland : Prism, 24/96, hdtracks
Juliette Armanet : Petite Amie, 24/96, qobuz
Julien Doré : Sublime et Silence, 24/96, qobuz
Fink: Biscuits, 24/96, qobuz.

these are my best sounding hirez , and also very enjoyable musically.

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Thanks! Good Stuff. And I like the BandCamp idea. It’s direct support for the musicians.

This CD and 44.1 download is also available on the BandCamp site;

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yes i know these videos. I follow him. A wonderful drummer.

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you have also the dsd, on other site…for this album.

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