Trust in the brand

I understand that several threads referencing a critical review of the Uniti Atom have been deleted very recently. Moderating a forum to maintain reasonable, civil, standards of debate is a good thing. Outright censorship less so. I will trust a brand that can accept criticism and perhaps provided a counter view or explanation for observed deficiencies. At least provide a statement why these previous threads were deleted, it could have been a simple breach of forum rules. Should I trust a brand with a cancel culture? If this gets deleted, I will have my answer…


I’m still relatively new here, but am continually surprised at the leeway given to discuss controversial topics in a manufacturer supported forum.

The FAQ also suggests discussion of moderation matters is not usually entered into, so I’m not sure we’ll hear why. Speaking personally I’m happy to continue participating in this forum and have no issues with brand trust.


Hope it does but for being too woke a topic and post.

I think it’s more related to the forum rule about links to other forums and bringing arguments across rather than being removed as it’s critical of a Naim product.


I think it was the tone and nature of the posts that crossed a line rather than any criticism of Naim. On a Naim forum many threads rely on criticism of Naim products or there wouldn’t be much discussion.

But I do wish 500 system owners would $content deleted following moderation$


I have massive trust in the brand, a thirty year customer


The post/thread was removed simply because it contravened Forum rules; specifically it referenced, and indeed was entirely about, a discussion on another forum.

…please do not link or make any reference to discussions posted on other forums or social media platforms