Trying out SBLs

Picked up some one-owner late model SBLs from my Linn/Naim dealer this week.

When I arrived to collect them, the dem room window was open and I could hear music playing. It sounded really good. I stepped towards the window for a better listen and to try and see if it was the SBLs playing, but it sounded way too good, so I figured, ‘Nah, that’ll be one of his top systems’ and unloaded the car instead. I finally got sorted and, you’ve guessed it, the SBLs were playing.

This is some speaker and 2nd hand bargain. I’m still surprised by it’s technical ability more than anything. I have to be honest and say that I find Kan/Briks a bit more tuneful and musically coherent but I’m still really enjoying them. They fill the room much better than Kans (no surprise) and are just very enjoyable and do all the HiFi stuff much better than Kans or Briks. I’m not sure I’ve heard any speaker beat them in some ways to be honest.

Must also confess that after initial listening with a 32.5/160, I’m having to temporarily use a 13W Nait due to shortage of MM cards. Blimey - what is it with that amp! I’m not saying it’s got them by the scruff of the neck but it’s not particularly stuggling either. I’ll go back to 12/BD160 or 32.5/CB160 soon though.

I sometimes notice forum members with top Naim systems driving old SBLs and SL2s and now I know why :grin:


Really makes me wonder why they refuse to make speakers any more.


Its why I own a pair of Allaes and SL2s nothing else comes close for musical engagement.

I got my late mkii SBL’s a year ago, moe to scratch an itch while I searched for a good pair of speaker circa £5-7k. From the off, I have loved what they do and I am no longer looking for new speakers. Needless to say, they are still in my system and sounding great every day. Long live the SBL!!


I was leant a pair of MkIs by a friend, bought them from him and got the drivers refreshed by my dealer. Last speakers I intend to own.



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