Trying to pick an interconnect for a non Naim source to Naim SN2

Hello everyone. I’m new here. Have read a few threads on here and the old forum on ocassion which are very informative and helpful.

I have had my SN2 for 2 years and I love it. Whilst I would consider changing my source - PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC II - to an NDX2 when I have the funds, that’s a ways off for now.

Looking for a more affordable tweak at this point and I think upgrading my interconnects is the right place to start.

System is - PS Audio DAC > RCA interconnect (Naquadria ‘Red’ - essentially an unknown Aussie brand thats no longer around ) > Supernait 2 > QED Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cable > Brigadier mu2 speakers.

I’m also considering changing speaker cable - though the QED is very good, I have been told and understand that Naim amplifiers need at least 3.5 metres whereas mine is 3.0 metres at present. It may just end up being a sideways move in SQ, different rather than necessarily better, but I’ll get to speaker cable next.

Anyway… I figured I’d start by playing around with the interconnect first. Looking at stereo RCA to 5 pin DIN, or stereo XLR to 5 pin DIN interconnects.

I believe you can special order a Naim RCA > DIN, though I cant afford the superline range. Have been looking at either Witch Hat or FlashbackSales. I dont know that Witch hat do the stereo XLR > DIN but they certainly do stereo RCA to DIN. Looks like Flashback produce both options.

I’m open to suggestions on what might be best option (XLR or RCA > DIN) and what offers best value performance. Very grateful if you can share your experience and thoughts on this kind of tweak.


Hi, regarding speaker cable, the 3.5m minimum applies to Naim speaker cable, or others with a similar spec. Your QED cable is a very different cable to NACA5, and on paper, not a great match. However, this advice really applies to the separate Naim power amps, so you should be OK with your Supernait. Still, I would be tempted to at least try some NACA5 and see if it sounds any better.

Thanks Chris. I have heard NACA5. Didnt think it was better than what I had, and given how inflexible it is to work with it wasn’t for me.

I’m moving some things around in my listening space so once I’ve got things settled and know the exact length of cable I need (3.5 or longer) then I’ll consider taking a punt on Witch Hat’s phantom cable.

Focused on the interconnects as my priority for now.

Hello and welcome. You have a great source with the PS Audio dac, that I would be tempted to keep. Your speakers I have never heard of, but a look online suggests that they are super high quality with exceptional drivers. All of which needs better than what you are using to connect them up at present.
It’s generally agreed to run a coherent loom, using the same brand and level with all cables, I would suggest looking for the most you can afford.
Not sure, but the benefits of using DIN are compromised with an RCA termination. So maybe an RCA to RCA cable to connect the dac to one of the SN2 RCA inputs would be better. That will limit your possibilities as WH don’t do this cable.

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The advice given on the forum (eg by Richard Dane) has typically been that RCA-DIN is preferable to RCA-RCA where appropriate.

I believe WH have a money back guarantee, and Flashback and others may have similar. But I doubt you’ll go far wrong with either unless you have quite a lot more to spend on something fancy.

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Naim supply a RCA to din interconnect for about £115. It’s a good wire and won’t break the bank. RCA to din is preferable to RCA to RCA.

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Thanks guys this has helped clarify my thinking on best way to go.


I have used Chord Chrysalis RCA to RCA and Chord Crimson RCA to DIN. Both Chord’s entry level in their time but I prefered the Chrysalis which uses the same cable as Naim’s Lavendar cables (Naim bought up all the stock when production ceased so Chord had to look elsewhere). The Naim cable will set you back a ton or more. I’ve recently ordered some CAT5e cable from Designercables and they also list an RCA to DIN for a touch over 20 quid so I bought one, I just haven’t got round to trying it yet though their CAT5e is excellent.


Anyone heard the Chord Shawline Analogue RCA to DIN interconnects?


Looks like it’s around 200 GBP / 400 AUD, that’s the limit of what i’d be happy to spend on an interconnect.

And then you can get a 1 metre RCA to DIN cable from flashback sales for less than a quarter of that price.

Hmmm… it’s a conundrum!

I’d look for either a Naim lavender grey i/c or maybe a secondhand late Chord Chrysalis i/c. Definitely the best choice for connecting a non Naim source to a Naim amp, and the clear best choice before you consider spending hundreds of pounds on anything else that may not even be any better.


So would I. Why spend £200 on a Shawline when you can get the lavender for about half that? It may look a bit cheap and manky compared to some of these flash alternatives, but is well made and sounds excellent.


That one looks like its for a non Naim pre to a NAP below a 250, the direction arrows show it’s not for ps to non Naim Power amp. You want a 5 pin 180 DIN for source to NAC.

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Correct, the one in the picture is 2 x RCA Phono to DIN 4. The only difference is that the OP would want one with a 180 degree DIN5 to connect into a Naim pre-amp, otherwise it’s identical.

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having compared Vertere, Chord clearway RCA DIN, old Chord Chrysalis, and original Naim RCA to DIN, there is no contest (I own all these interconnects). These are all good cables, but one stands out for me.

Vertere DFI RCA to DIN and RCA to RCA beats all of them hands down.

Vertere is the one that preserves most of the musical energy of all these cables.

And probably not by chance, the Naim Superlumina cables are engineered the same way as the Vertere ones.


Chap goes out to buy an interconnect… comes home with full Vertere/ SL or Vertere loom. Big $$$$s!

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The basic Dfi vertere isn’t that expensive

I think the word Vertere conjours up the high end stuff, the DFI is an ordinary quite thin looking cable & £160/170’ish
Considering how it looks & price, maybe not a great impression of VFM
But proof of the pudding is in the eating (listening)

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I use a variant of this in my car for both my Chord Mojo and DragonFly red DAC (through an android/Iphone)

a few monthgs ago I somehow removed the cable from the car and could not find it, was going on a long journey.

The sound that came out of my Dragonfly with an alternative cable, was not pleasing to my ears, and I did not enjoy the music as I usually do.

Once I found the Vertere DFI again, music was enjoyable and engaging all over again. The main difference is that the DFI is able to transmit the high frequencies with a lot less harm and more resolution than alternative cables, while keeping the engagement intact.

It may not look like much, but the performance much better than cables at the same price I have tried.

My opinion only.


I recently tried a “Premier” RCA to 5 pin DIN cable from Flashback Sales to connect a dac to an input on the 52 pre-amp. It was about £39. The dealer also loaned a Chord Signature Tuned Aray equivalent at about £800. Finally, we have a circa 25 year old Chord Chrysalis, a left over from when an old Arcam Alpha+ cd player was our main digital source.

The Flashback Premier left music sounding a bit flat, sat upon, dull and lifeless.
The old Chord Chrysalis was a bit better.
The Chord Signature was obviously the clearest, especially at the top end, gave music more life, vitality and joie de vivre. However, we choked on the idea of £800, let alone twice that for the Chord Sarum.
Next to try is the Lunar cable from AR Sound. It is about £300, which is at the top end of what we find bearable for a simple 75cm analogue interconnect.

Best regards, BF


For RCA to RCA (or BNC / BNC ), Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is a good option. I replaced Chord Shawline and Linn Silver in my two systems with this upgrade.

TQ also do Black 5 pin DIN to DIN for Naim to Naim interconnects.