Trying to set up HDX, Roon and MSB Renderer

My setup is NAIM HDX 2TB, MSB Premier DAC with MSB Renderer Module (Ethernet) and Cisco Switch.

Set up is , Ethernet cable out of HDX > Cisco Switch > Ethernet cable from Cisco Switch > MSB Ethernet Port on Renderer Module.

Then I also have Ethernet cable going into Cisco Switch from home router.

I have installed and set up Roon. Roon “sees” the MSB DAC, so no problem there. But I cannot seem to get the MSB to stream my HDX files, no matter what I try, it’s not “seeing” the Naim HDX and my stored files.

Playing around with the Roon set up, it appears I may need to add Network Share ? But whatever I type in it won’t work.

Any advice ?

Does the HDX present itself as a network share. Can you copy files to it from a computer ?

Edit - have a look at section 9 of the HDX user manual which shows you how to access the internal music folder.

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Nope, I cannot either play directly from my HDX to the MSB nor find any files via Roon.

I am at a loss quite frankly as to why it won’t play.

I tested to see if I received a faulty MSB Renderer, nope, it plays a CD rip on my laptop just fine. It just won’t “find” my HDX as a file.

About to give up and throw the HDX in the bin…

So you can’t browse the Music folder on the HDX using a computer to check whether the HDX is able to act as a Network share (which Roon will browse) ?

I would have thought that (not using Roon) you should be able to play music via the MSB network card as the HDX will appear as a UPnP server. This is just to ensure all is well with the MSB player.

Sorry, not sure what you mean by, checking via a computer, the HDX ?

I have tried it all, it will play via coaxial from HDX to MSB no problem.

As soon as I unplug the coaxial and connect Ethernet and select that input, nothing. But it plays a ripped CD on my MacBook - via Roon no problem.

It’s doing my head in.

As James has suggested, look at section 9 of the user manual. If a pc can access the hdx drive via your network, then you should be able to point roon at it too.
(Only works with a 2tb drive apparently.)

Thank you, but no, not showing up on my Mac.

So do I try and manual input it ?

When I first set up Roon a few years ago, I remember there was a bit of head scratching involved with getting it to see my Unitiserve library. (HDX and Unitiserve will be the same in this respect.) Roon do describe what you need to do, albeit in a rather vague and disjointed way. Try this:
On your Mac, navigate to the HDX via the Finder. It should look something like this:

Then navigate to any folder inside the MQ folder, and control-click on it to open the dropdown box as shown above.

Click on Get Info, and you’ll see an info box with the share shown as 'Server: …

Copy the path as highlighted in blue, and enter it as a folder in Roon Storage settings.
If you use the HDX Downloads folder, repeat the process to add that too. It feels a bit odd only copying the path to one of the sub-folders in your library, but once done, Roon should scan the whole library, not just the ramdom one you have selected.

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Using the info Chris has put above, you should be able to add to roon using this:
smb://[hdx name]/Music
You can find out your hdx name using the system status option inside the system menu.

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What I was trying to explain is that you cannot just point it at the Music or MQ folder. You need to give it the file path to one of the sub-folders inside it.

Robert, James & Chris,

Thank you all x100 !

Your advice and short cut certainly did the trick. Roon now sees this suggested file path and has imported all my HDX information and I am up and running.

My goodness it should not have been this hard !

This is why I love this Forum, both my MSB and Naim Dealers had no idea what was going on and couldn’t help.


Glad you got it sorted eventually! To be fair, I think it’s Roon who are falling a little short in providing more comprehensive setup info rather than Naim in this case. Still, once you’ve done it you can forget all about it.

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Good news. One less HDX saved from the bin :grinning:

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