Trying to understand Roon

Hi I am. Looking to buy an innous zenith mk3 to rip my CDs. Will the muso qb 1st Gen work with roon and act as an end point. Any good recommends on how to use it. I watched couple of YouTube vids but just heard roon blah blah end point blah etc

Yes, via airplay.

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It should show up just like this…

My MuSo is Gen 1 and if I wanted to play to it via Airplay I’d just enable it.


You can run Roon through the zenith too

Do you have other Roon compatible systems too? The Zenith is eyewateringly expensive if all you want it for is to play music on your Muso.

Daphile will happily rip CDs and can be seen as an endpoint for roon as well. Its amazing and donation ware. All you need is a little HTPC or something and boom shakalaka.

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