TT for Naim Atom: Technics vs AT

Hi there!

Well after a Huuuuge downgrade (in price, weight and gear), I went with a Naim Uniti Atom with a pair of Sonus Faber Concertino MKI, and looking for a TT with phono pre amp inside, reducing cables and gear to the minimum: that brings me to the Technics (also looked to AT LP7 and Clearaudio Concept Active), but I’ve decided not to spend more than 1.400€…

So here in Spain I have the possibility to get a brand new SL-1500C with those 2 cartridges for almost same price, 100€ difference, being the Ortofon cheaper.

What are your thoughts bout them? is it good the 2M black compares with the AT?

I mostly listen Jazz, Bossa, Soul and funk. Hardly classic rock or folk.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from the now freezing Spain.

It’s not clear to me what the question is. The title suggest a turntable, but the text suggests you’ve already chosen the SL1500C (good choice) vs the AT LP7.

You also ask about cartridges, but only mention the 2M Black vs which AT?

Assuming the latter is your real question, I won’t be able to help you, regardless which AT it is. But I am interested in peoples opinions as well. I have noticed, that AT seems to be very popular on this particular forum, where elsewhere it’s mostly Nagaoka & Ortofon. Don’t know why there’s that difference.


2M black vs AT VM760SLC.

I have a 2M Black on my Rega 8 and it works very well. I mentioned the AT to my dealer but they recommended the Ortofon. I didn’t compare the two myself though.

Either cartridge sounds like a lot for the Technics and a cheaper one may be a better match. I’d suggest trying a Rega, despite it needing a separate phono stage. The 6, with fono and 2M Black, is very good.

I remember having the original Technics 1500 in the 70s and it was pretty awful. Maybe 45 years has improved things.

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Generally, when looking at what people consider the top MM (/ MI), either the 2M Black, or the Nagaoka MP-500 come up. But as said, many people here seem to have a preference for AT that I do not really see elsewhere.

FWIW I’m currently running the 2M Bronze which people say is more forgiving than the black (so some people prefer), but can easily be upgraded as the body is the same, so only a stylus replacement is needed. I’m really pleased with it.

Soon I’ll also have a Nagaoka cart (JT-1210) so I might at least be able to compare the house sound although on different decks, arms, etc.

I might at some point try them both on the same deck, but that will be a while, so might be too late for you. (And won’t tell you about the other models of those brands).

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A Technics SL1500c should be much better than AT look-alike offerings if reading around.
Very near SL1200GR without the DJ things.
Build-in phonostage are reported reasonable good.

The bundled 2M red cartridge are very entry-level, unrefined rough and the deck deserve better. maybe add a Blue stylus or look to sell the red, replacing it with latest Audio Technica ML or SH.


At 1400 Euros and built in phono - I think that looks like Technics .

I think you would be able to get a decent Pro-Ject and phono stage for that

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Bit off topic but running these too with a Star and they remain astounding things, all things considered.

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thanks for your advices guys!

So You think 2M black or the AT are too fancy for this TT?

You like these SF? I miss little bit the Diapason Karis III, maybe bass response and small things but the Concertino do 90% of them for 6 times less money!

ok at the end, the candidates are:


What U think?

I don’t think they are too fancy.

Get the best cart you can afford.

I can help here because I have tried all three of those cartridges and they are all excellent but the best is obviously the SLC. I have it on a Rega P6 but had AT carts on a Technics 1210 Mk2 and they also work very well together.

The SL1500C looks a great deck I looked quite closely at it and the new cheaper 1200 last year and as good as they are if you can get past having an off board Phono Stage I think you should look closely at a Rega P6 with the VM540ML which will come in at the same price but of course you will need to buy a phono stage.

thanks guys, I’m new to cartridge world.

At the end I’ve reduced the options to:


Ortofon Concorde Century (found it tooooooo sexy on a technics)
Ortofon OM Super 40

Dunno if Nagaoka or Hanna would be good but I just want a simple and reliable setup for years.


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